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DIY Mini Letter Balloons

Inside: The cutest DIY Mini Letter Balloons!

I’ve always been a fan of mini letter balloons  – they look exceptionally great in NYE balloon headbands. But sometimes the standard size just doesn’t cut it and the store bought shapes can seem limiting. When you have a desperate need to make a mini cactus balloon – sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands and just DIY the concept. Know what I mean? ;)


Mini Letter Balloons

Mini Foil Balloons DIY

By combining foil and a few of our favorite shades of spray paint, these colorful mini letter balloons are ready for whatever the next party needs. Present toppers, drink stirs, a cake topper… the options are pretty limitless when it comes to a handful of DIY letter balloons.

DIY Letter Balloons

Mini Foil Balloons DIY

Add a fun and festive flair to your next gift wrapping

Once the mini letter balloons are made, favor toppers are easy to create. A small hole punch + a small length of string will lend to boxes that are quickly ready to fit into the current party vibe.

DIY Letter Balloons

DIY Mini Balloons

Lets Mix it up with these DIY Letter Balloons Drink Stirs

To create the mini letter balloon drink stirs, forgo the small hole punch in lieu of a wooden skewer. Place the skewer inside the bottom of the mini foil balloon before you glue the mini letter balloons in place for a cocktail stir & drink marker that guests will love.

Letter Balloons

Making Mini Letter Balloons

To make the mini letter balloons you will need:

  • Small piece of foil
  • Batting
  • Glue
  • Spray paint in colors of choice
  • String (for the favor toppers)
  • Wooden skewers (for the drink stirs)


How to Make Mini Letter Balloons

To make these mini letter balloons you will:

1. Lay one piece of the foil down in a small square and place the batting on top of it. Create any shape, letter or number desired from the batting.

2. Glue the batting onto the foil and then glue a top piece into place, continuing to shape with your hand as you go around.

3. Cut to finish right outside the glue line.

Mini Balloons

4. Spray paint the DIY letter balloon to whatever color desired.

These mini letter balloons are such a fun way to welcome in a spring filled with parties. Take the concept and use it to create a custom look for whatever you are celebrating this season.

PS. Pair the mini balloons with a miniature unicorn pinata – obviously!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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