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Minnie Mouse Party Games: 12 Fun Games For Little Kids

Little girls adore Minnie Mouse. After all, what is there not to love about her? She’s cute and very little. And she’s a mouse wearing a polka dot dress. Although there isn’t a set age, many of Minnie’s biggest fans are anywhere from 2-5 years old, generally speaking. 

Your little birthday girl and her friends are going to love a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. In this article, we are going to show you a dozen great Minnie Mouse games that you can play without breaking the bank. All of them are relatively easy to prepare and they don’t require a lot of materials or supplies.

These are also games that are simple to play and easily suited for a very young audience. Some require physical activity and they are great opportunities to get everyone at the party moving about. Others require focus, coordination, team-work, and cooperation. Some are just plain silly. All of them can be a lot of fun.

Nevertheless, being that these are younger children, they will likely need your help with some of these games.

12 Minnie Mouse Party Games

1. Stick (Pin) The Bowtie On Minnie Mouse

In this variation of the Pin the Tail game, players have to stick a velcro-backed bowtie on a picture or poster of Minnie Mouse. You can either spin the player around a few times or blindfold them and then see which girl can pin the bowtie on Minnie’s neck most precisely. Check online for free downloadable printouts. There are many excellent websites that offer free resources.

2. Minnie Mouse Ring Toss

Go to the toy store and purchase a Minnie Mouse inflatable punching/bopping bag. These can usually be filled with sand or water in the base. In this version, you will need several hula-hoops which you will use as rings. 

The goal is to try to land the rings on Minnie and the player/team with the most rings wins the round. (You can play as teams.) Very little children will need assistance.

Another option is to buy a large (relatively) Minnie Mouse doll. You will need to find rings that can fit over Minnie, so whatever size doll you opt for, you should make sure the rings fit over her. Don’t place Minnie too far away from the players. You will probably have to assist many of the girls. 

3. Pass The Cheese Around

Mice love cheese. In this version of a classic children’s game, the children will sit in a circle. As the music/song plays, they will pass a package of cheese around the circle.

You can use a real round (non-smelly) gouda cheese in a pretty red plastic wrapping, or you can use a novelty prop. The participants will pass the cheese around the circle while everyone sings the song. When the song ends, the last one holding the cheese is “out” for the round. Keep it up until only one player remains. Here are the words to the song:

“We pass the cheese around,

around and around,

and when the cheese finally stops,


4. Minnie Mouse Pinata

minnie mouse party games

Pinatas are a great activity because everyone wins. Check your local party shop for a Minnie Mouse Pinata. They should be easy to find, but if not, it won’t be a problem to order one beforehand, provided you give them adequate time. 

Fill the pinata with different types of candy, small toys, bracelets, and the kind of costume jewelry little girls generally adore. Players will take turns wearing a blindfold and trying to whack and break open the pinata. 

Everyone will have a blast whacking Minnie Mouse to get at the goodies inside. As with all pinata games involving children, make sure to supervise this game to ensure that everyone is safe and that no one gets hurt.

5. Minnie Mouse Balloon Game

This game only requires a package of red, white, and black, colored balloons to match Minnie’s favorite colors. Every player is given a balloon of their choice. The rules are very simple. The players have to keep their balloons in the air using their head, hands, legs, and body. If a balloon falls to the ground, the player is out for that round. 

The last player who successfully keeps the balloon in the air wins the game. See if you can play several rounds of this game since the games will probably go pretty quickly. You can award small prizes to the winners.

6. Minnie Mouse Says

The child playing the role of Minnie should wear a Minnie Mouse Headband. (It might be a great idea to give out  such a headband to every girl at the party as a door prize.) The role of Minnie is to give instructions to the group to perform certain actions. 

The group has to comply with her instructions, provided that she prefaces her command with the phrase “Minnie Mouse Says”. Example: “Minnie Mouse says touch your nose. Minnie Mouse says jump up and down. If she doesn’t say the words, “Minnie Mouse Says”, those who follow the instructions are out for the remainder of that round. Play several rounds to give other girls the opportunity to be Minnie.

7. Minnie’s Dance Party 

This is a fun Minnie Mouse version of “musical statues” or “Freeze”. Have all of your little mice dance, move, shimmy, or just jump around while the music plays. Stop the music periodically. When you stop the music, the players have to immediately freeze and remain frozen in place until the music starts again. Those who get caught moving when they shouldn’t be are out for the remainder of the round.

8. Play Mouse Themed Games

There are so many excellent mouse themed games on the market today that are a lot of fun. Some of them are general mice games. But there are also many games that are specifically based on the Minnie Mouse character. 

You can set up little game stations made up of small groups, where they can play different mouse games. Popular games include the classic Mouse Trap or different versions of Jenga-like balancing games featuring little mice.

9. Find Minnie Mouse & Friends

For this game, you will need several stuffed dolls of Minnie Mouse and her Disney friends. Alternatively, you can hide small plastic figures. In this treasure hunt, Minnie Mouse and her friends are hiding throughout the house. The goal of the group is to find all of them. Alternatively, you can hide things like bow-ties, fake cheese, or little novelty mice.

This is a fun game to play as a group to cultivate their cooperation skills and teamwork. You can create a simple map of clues to assist them. Being that this is a very young group, make sure to assist them and participate in the game.

10. Cat and Mouse Hide and Seek

minnie mouse party games

Alternatively, you can play this version of Hide & Go Seek. Players take turns playing the role of the hungry cat who wants to find the little mice. When the cat finds a mouse the game is over, and the players switch roles. The new cat counts while the others hide for the second round of the game. 

11. Minnie Mice Relay Race

All of the runners are mice, so the races will be run on all fours like little mice. These races can be run indoors or outdoors depending on the space available and the weather conditions. Encourage the players to squeak like little mice while they cheer each other on.

12. Snatch The Cheese

This is another excellent game that will get your little mice moving their little limbs about. You will divide the group into two equal groups. Both will stand in a line opposite one another.  At an equal distance, you will place a novelty cheese on the floor. 

The players on both teams will be given numbers. When you call out a number, the two girls bearing that number (one from each team) will run to the middle and try to snatch the “cheese” before the other girl. The goal is to grab the cheese and run to your team without getting tagged. 

If the player is successful that team receives one point. If that player is tagged before making it back home, the point goes to the other team. At some point, you can yell “CHEESE” and everyone on both teams can run to grab the cheese. Then it becomes a free-for-all and everyone on both sides gets involved. On a personal note, this is a raucous and fun game that I used to play myself (albeit a different version) as a small child.

We hope that our selection of party games has given you some ideas for your upcoming Minnie Mouse theme party. With some creativity and adequate planning, we are certain that your little Minnie Mice are going to have a lot of fun.

Whether you adapt our selection of Minnie Mouse party games or are motivated to create your own original party games, feel free to share them online.