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25 Minute to Win It Games for Kids

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

Inside: Minute to Win It Games for Kids.

Grab your solo cups, cookies, and marshmallows and let’s get this party started! I love planning fun games for the kids and their friends to play. My only struggle is finding games that will keep their attention long enough! That is why I put together this list of fun Minute to Win It game for kids.

Minute to Win It Game for Kids

1. Cookie Face

Place a cookie on their forehead. Their goal is to get the cookie into their mouth within one minute using only their facial muscles. If the cookie falls in their lap, they can start over – but only until the time is up!

2. Suck it Up

With your player sitting at a table, place two paper plates in front of them. Place 10 or more M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, or another similar small candy on one plate. Using a straw and suction from their mouth, players have to move the candies from one plate to the other. This is one of my all-time favorite minute to win it games for kids, it always has me laughing!

3. Balloon Bounce

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

The player stands in open space in the room. Hand them three inflated balloons. The goal is to bounce the balloons up in the air and keep them elevated for an entire minute. If one hits the floor, the round is over.

4. Stack It Up

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

For this minute to win it games for kids, you’ll want to have several rolls of pennies on hand. Players compete to see who can build the highest single stack of pennies within a minute.

5. Spinning Mummy

This game is sure to get someone dizzy, making it fun to watch! The goal is for the player to cover themselves in toilet paper from head to toe, simply by spinning as quickly as they can. Whether the goal is to beat the clock or beat their opponents, this Minute to Win It Game is challenging and fun.

6. Building Straws

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

Players start off with a pile of plastic or paper straws. Sticking the end of one straw inside of the end of another, the player has to build the longest straw before the timer runs out wins.

7. Marshmellow Toss

The player stands with a bag of large marshmallows. Someone else stands about 5 feet away with a plastic bucket. Player tosses marshmallows into the bucket. Whoever gets the most marshmallows into the bucket before the timer goes off is the winner of this minute to win it games for kids.

8. Card Toss

Set up a large bowl or bucket in the center of the floor or table. From an agreed-upon distance away, the player tosses playing cards into the container with the goal of getting the most cards in before the timer runs out.

Fun Games for Kids

9. Bottom to Top

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

The player starts off with a pile of 20 plastic or paper cups all of the same color or design – and one cup of a different color or design. Stack all cups together with the cup of a different color on top of the stack. When the timer goes off, the player takes the cup on top, sets it on the table, picks up the stack, and places it over the cup. The player repeats this, moving one cup at a time to the bottom of the stack until the cup of a different color is on top again. The player who beats the timer – or completes task faster than anyone else – wins.

10. Sticky Forehead

Here is a warning now, this minute to win it game is a sticky one! The player licks the end of a marshmallow to wet it and sticks it to their forehead. Then they have to walk around and try to keep the marshmallow from falling before the timer runs out (or longer than their opponents.)

11. Draw on Your Head

The player sits in a chair with a paper plate and a pen or pencil for writing. The player places a paper plate on top of their head and attempts to draw a picture on the plate as they hold it on top of their head. Whoever draws the best picture before the timer runs out wins.

12. Ping Pong Relay

Line up 7 plastic cups in front of the player (leading away from them) on either a table or floor. Fill each cup with water. Each player begins with four ping pong balls. Set one ball to float in the first cup and set a timer. When the timer begins, the Player has to blow the ping pong ball from one cup to the next, all the way to the last cup. If the ball falls, the player has to start over at the first cup. The player who gets all four balls to the end before anyone else (or before the timer goes off) wins.

13. Wipe Out

The player stands with a roll of toilet paper. When the timer goes off, the player’s goal is to be the first one to empty their roll of toilet paper.

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14. Don’t Eat the Stems

The player sits at the table with their hands behind their backs. Place several cherries (stems included) on a plate on the table in front of them. Players must lean over and eat the cherries as quickly as possible, leaving only the stems (and pits) behind.

15. It Blows

On a long table or countertop, set up a line of disposable plastic or paper cups. The player is handed an empty balloon. When the timer begins, the player blows the balloon up and then releases the air strategically in order to knock the cups over. The goal can be to either knock all cups over before the minute is up or to simply knock over more cups than your opponents.

16. Junk In Your Trunk

Cut two slits into the back of an empty rectangular tissue box and thread a long ribbon through so you can tie it around the player’s waist. Add eight ping pong balls to the tissue box and set the timer for one minute. The goal is for the player to empty the box of ping pong balls. But the catch is only using only the movements of their body. This game is a lot of fun to watch!

17. Cotton Ball Drop

The player stands with a cup on the floor in front of them (a heavy cup like a ceramic mug is best). The player holds a cotton ball to their nose and lets it drop from there with the goal of landing it into the cup on the floor. The player who gets the most cotton balls into their cup before the timer runs out is the winner.

18. M&M Sort

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

The player sits at a table with two paper plates. One plate is filled with a large amount of loose M&Ms. When the timer begins, the player must sort out as many of one color of M&Ms as they can onto the other plate. Whoever collects the most of one color of M&Ms wins this minute to win it game for kids!

19. Marshmallow Chopsticks

The player is given a plastic or paper cup and a set of chopsticks. A pile of mini marshmallows is scattered in the middle of the table. Using the chopsticks, the player must pick up the marshmallows and put them in their cup. Whoever gets the most marshmallows before the timer runs out wins. (Stabbing the marshmallows is cheating!)

20. Apple Bobbing

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

Get yourselves a large bucket filled with water and place a few apples in the bucket. Each child has 30 seconds to dunk their head in the bucket and pick an apple up using only their teeth. You decide how many rounds the game will contain. Mix it up a bit by playing ‘money apple.’ One apple has a little coin pushed into a slit in the side of the apple. Whoever retrieves this apple scores double the points and keeps the money.

21. Ceari-Noodles

This game doesn’t need preparation nor the need to buy something in advance. Just open your kitchen cupboards and voila! You have everything you need. Grab a packet of uncooked dry spaghetti and hooped cereal. It’s very important that the cereal has a hole in the middle. Next, put a dry spaghetti in your mouth and have your hands behind your back. Using your mouth only, try and hook as many cereal loops as possible on to your spaghetti stick. It’s harder than it looks and oh so fun to watch! 

22. Bottle Flip

Most people have either heard of this game, seen a video of a bottle flip attempt or even tried it out for themselves. You can even find videos that have gone viral showing two or three-year-old toddlers attempting and succeeding at this game. Once you start trying to get it right it’s so hard to stop.  Make this game even harder by only filling the bottle up halfway. 

23. Iron Man Challenge

'Minute to Win It' Games for Kids

Get a hold of some iron bolts and chopsticks. If using chopsticks isn’t already hard enough, try picking up the iron bolts with chopsticks and stacking the bolts on top of each other. Yikes! This takes skill.

24. The Ground is Prickly

Perfect for the smaller kiddies! Blow up a balloon or two (not with helium) and tie it to a string. The aim of the game is to keep the balloons from touching the floor.  After all, the ground is prickly and the name of the game is not to let any balloons pop. Ok, so the ground isn’t really prickly, but the smaller kiddies love to run around with the balloons and keep them off the ground. As a simpler game without too much coordination needed suits the little pickles really well! Attention all parents! Sit in the garden, enjoy the sunshine with a cup of iced tea and have the kids play this out in the fresh air! Easy peasy!

25. Off You Roll

Place any obstacles like chairs or tables to the side of the room.  Designate a ‘starting’ point on one end and a ‘finishing’ point on the other end of the room. Now let’s race! Well… that would be too easy wouldn’t it? Let’s add a little something here. The kids can pick either a potato or onion to race with and of course, there is a catch. Players must roll the vegetable across the floor using only your nose!  The taller you are the harder it is! Parents you might want to be the judges on this one unless you’re up for a real challenge! All of these games are cost effective and the props you need to play may be found lying around somewhere in your home. Maximum, if you don’t have exactly what you need for the game, adapt it! Better yet once the kids are familiar with the point of a ‘Minute to Win it’ game, encourage them to make up their own! Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to be silly!

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There is so much fun to be hand with these fun minute to win it games for kids. They are full of sweets, treats, and a lot of laughs! Check out these other fun ideas for your next kid’s party!

Let us know in the comments your favorite minute to win it games for kids! Happy Gaming!



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