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mock raspberry peach bellini

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis served in a cored out peach!

Spring brings may fabulous chances celebrate with the girls. Showers, weddings and a slew of festive reasons perfect for a girls night in. This raspberry peach bellini is a fun drink to make for whatever you might be celebrating. Serving it up in peaches with honey stick straws will quickly make it everyones favorite drink of the season.

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis served in a cored out peach!

To make the cored out peaches; slice off the top 1/4 inch of each peach. Using a pairing knife remove the insides by cutting in a circle around the pit. Be sure to save the peach flesh for mixing in the bellini. Use honey sticks as straws and encourage your guests to squeeze the honey before sipping their drink. The sticks look pretty and the honey is a great compliment to the bellinis!

Mock raspberry + peach bellinis

To make the raspberry peach bellini pour two cups Trop 50 Raspberry Acai in a pitcher. Add in one cup ginger ale, mashed flesh from two peaches, 1/2 a cup of raspberries and honey from 2 sticks (about 1 tablespoon). Mix all ingredients, chill, and serve with fresh berries + peach slices. If using honey straws, leave the honey out of the chilled mixture. This pitcher recipe makes about 10 servings

I love this mocktail bellini for baby showers and brunches this season. It’s always nice to have an alcohol free version on hand no matter what type of party we are hosting – you never know who might be abstaining. Updating this bellini recipe to include alcohol will take it easily into bachelorette party zone, and it’ll still be just as pretty to serve. Simply switch out the ginger ale for your favorite vodka and sip responsibly.

For more great girls night in ideas, pop through to the foodie Pinterest board I will be pinning on today. And this slide show from has a bunch of recipes I am definitely going to try for our next shower!

Trop50-LogoTrop50 has the great taste and goodness you expect from Tropicana, but with 50% less sugar and calories and no artificial sweeteners.

Compensation for this post is provided by Trop50. The opinions and drink recipe are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Trop50.

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