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Mod Party Cocktail Napkins


Before dinner cocktails are always made better standing on a warm deck with pretty napkins underneath. Yay spring! I’ve partnered with Circut to create this modern fabric transfer over in the design space that will make spring cocktail napkins prettier.

I’ve quickly fallen in love with my Cricut Explorer for creating unique design elements at home. These cocktail napkins are a fun way to update any older napkins lying around, or to make a number of different patterns look like one set. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a stash of mis-matched fabric napkins in the drawer! This project is the perfect answer for giving them a second life.

The napkins also make for an easy handmade gift. Package up a couple sets to send your favorite hostesses way.




To make the mod cocktail napkins you will need:


Mod Cocktail Napkins

1. Start by opening the Cricut Design Space software and open up this project in the Design Space.

2. Load the iron-on paper with the vinyl backing up and cut out as many mod shapes as you would like. We used anywhere from 2-8 shapes per napkin varying the design as we went. Normally you would need to do a mirror flip for printing on iron-on fabric, but these designs are the same either way so it is not necessary.

3. Once the design has been cut carefully peel off the transfer fabric.

4. Heat up the iron and follow the instructions for the type of material you are using to iron the design onto your summer cocktail napkins.


Serve up pretty drinks at the bar and enjoy the season!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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