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Molded Clay Antlers

Antlers are such a pretty detail this time of year. These molded clay antlers are an easy afternoon project and they require no animals to be harmed in their making! With bright glitter on the end, the antlers make for a pretty packaged present. With a ribbon tied to the end, they lend an instant style update to tree. And minus the glitter, they are great for topping your favorite guy’s gifts.

To make the molded clay antlers you will need: molding clay, a small paintbrush, glitter and craft glue.

Shape the clay by rolling and parting at the end. Add another “branch” halfway down and take time smoothing out the clay. Use the other end of the paintbrush to wipe away fingerprints and little cracks.

Paint the area you want glittered with craft glue, and sprinkle. Let your first color dry before adding another, or your glitter will end up in the wrong areas. Adhere to package with a glue dot and you’re done!

Styling and Photography by Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. I, too, would never have thought of making my own! I love the look of antlers, but live in the city now where they aren’t abundant! (I spent part of my childhood in upstate NY where the sheded antlers could be found in the forest. Yep, I was on to the antler craze in 1995).

  2. I think I’m being a bit dim, but what qualifies as molding clay? Like Fimo? Or something else? I’m guessing you want something that goes hard.. or… it’s clear I don’t know!

  3. Victoria, this is really, really cool! Christmas is coming up and so is the season for gifting so this is the perfect idea for getting a bit more creative. I remember doing it with pine cones and tree branches but the antlers idea is entirely new! Not to mention, it’s clay too which is really unique. Thanks for sharing this, appreciate the photos. Your friends at Thanks!

  4. Victoria you are an amazing artist. As you know Christmas is coming up and it can be a great gift. We will definately try these exactly as you mentioned. Hopefully we get the same results as yours. Your idea is really unique.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, we really appreciate these photos.

    Thank You,

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