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Mom In The Mix – Cereal Yogurt Pops


Getting in the mix of things with the kids when baking, crafting and taking photos isn’t always easy. As a blogger I tend to focus on the styling of a photo or the composition of it more than my concern to be in it. It’s easy for me to focus on the final result of a recipe or craft project instead of just enjoying the process of creating it. Lately, I’ve been noticing how much more fun it is to just get in the mix with my kids.

Call it the curse of Instagram husband days, but I am always finding myself behind the camera pointing it at life instead of being captured in it as a part of my family’s life. I am definitely guilty of Instagram momming it, hard core.

This summer I’m committing to jumping in to the shots, crafting it up with the kids, and making the recipes with them even if the results are a bit imperfect.

I’ve found there is so much value to my kids to have their mom in the mix of photos and life. Jumping into the shot with them even if it means it is not perfectly styled. I have a sneaking suspicion they won’t really remember if the umbrella behind them was styled in the exact perfect place. But they will be happy to have photos of them with their momma.

I’m excited to be partnering with in this summer challenge to #PutMomInThePhoto and I am giving away a $50 gift card over on Instagram today to help you capture memories along with your family. With the help of CVS online or the CVS mobile app you can actually then print out these awesome photos from your computer or phone to share with the family, TODAY!

Cereal Yogurt Pops

To kick off my desire to jump into things with the kids we made these cereal yogurt pops together. They are a great after school treat and a fun project to get our hands messy with. The resulting form of the pops is as imperfect as little hands can make them, but it was so worth it for an experience we will all remember.

Cereal Yogurt Pops

To make them we filled small dixie cups with colorful cereal and covered it with our favorite yogurt. We used corn cob pokers as our handles (my daughter idea) making the yogurt treats easy for little fingers to grasp. I stuck the pops in the freezer and dropped the kids off at school.

After drop off I tried hard to find a collection of family photos that included me in them. I sent them over to and before school was out for the day I had a photo book to share with the kids. Memories with their momma. It was a good theme for the day.

Cereal Yogurt Pops

We got home from school, enjoyed our treats and sat down to look at a book I made filled with our family memories. The kids loved seeing and remembering so many fun memories with mommy involved. They adored flipping through this little gift and I think they’ll treasure it forever. It really helped me to understand how important it is for them to not just be captured living life by me, but to have me a part of it. It’s so much easier for me to set things up, then to actually get into the mix with them. I’m hoping to find little ways to do it and capture it all summer long.


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This post is done in partnership with CVS. 

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