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money balloons

Money Balloons

Around this time of year I sometimes start to feel a bit like an ATM. Between weddings, graduations, birthday parties, and end of the year events – it seems I am giving out a lot of… cash. To indulge my creative side, while still allowing the graduate to get whatever he really needs (gas!) I’ve started bringing along money balloons!

The concept is basic and the balloons bring along a lot of festivity. Plus, the wide eye excitement from the receiver makes this gift worth the extra party store stop every time.

Money Balloons

Money Balloons

Money Balloons

Money Balloons

To make the money balloons we used large 36 inch balloons. Any balloon will work, but the larger ones are just more fun! Grab the cash you want to give and break it down to low denominations so you will have anywhere from 5-15 bills.

Stop in to your local party store and ask for the balloons to be blown up with the cash inside (adding in a bit of confetti is always fun). Bring along your own string or ribbon for pretty balloon tying and get ready to hand off a present that will keep on giving.

Money Balloons

The most important part! Be sure the balloons are handed to you with a weight firmly attached. It’s never fun to lose a balloon to the wind – and one with a wad of cash inside is super sucky. Hand of the weighted balloons with a simple note of congratulations and enjoy your ongoing title of most awesome gift giver ever!

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Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography

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