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DIY Monster Straws for Easy Kids Halloween Parties

For Halloween fun, these DIY Monster straws is one of my kids’ favorite projects and it is super easy to make! I wasn’t always a Halloween fan, but obviously, having kid’s has changed that.

DIY monster straws

There’s nothing better than watching their eyes light up with glee, which is why we have many more family moments this month than my schedule has time for. I am often looking for easy ways to bring the fun to playdates, afternoons after school, and weekends – without making myself crazy. These DIY Monster straws are the perfect way to have all the fun with little mess.

DIY Monster straws with goggly eyes

How to make DIY monster straws

Halloween is now one of my favorite holidays and I am always searching for new crafts for the kids to do during Halloween parties. Once we get the kids going with their crafts, the adults can relax with a nice fall cocktail and enjoy the season with our friends.

Our favorite crafts are the ones that are super easy to clean up and don’t require a ton of materials to make. DIY monster crafts are always a favorite of our kids.

DIY Monster Straws

DIY Monster straws step-by-step instructions

These fun DIY monster straws are a simple idea. To make them you will need:

They bring a funny smile to their faces and are a cinch to pull off. They made me feel quite accomplished this weekend.

DIY Monster Straws

The DIY monster straws super easy to make too! Poke a small hole through two sides of a ping pong ball and put the straw through. Add eyes of all different sizes so everyone has a different monster in their drink!

Monster crafts are super popular around Halloween and we just love seeing all of the kids so joyful while crafting with their friends in their Halloween costumes. We want all of the Halloween parties and we want to hear your favorite monster crafts!

For another fun and easy Halloween craft, try these Monster Favor Bags. They double as a craft and a party favor!

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