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moss trim cake and bunny heads

Moss Bunny Heads

With all the sweet colors of Easter, sometimes a bold bunny head is just what’s needed to offset the pastel storm of the season. This moss trim Easter cake with moss bunny head cake toppers will quickly become a conversation worthy centerpiece at any spring gathering. The graphic shape of the bunnies popping up give this Easter cake a whimsical and grown-up fairytale look. Perfect for welcoming in all the magic of Easter.

bunny cake

Moss Bunny Heads

Moss Bunny Heads

Moss Bunny Heads

To make the moss trim cake and bunny head cake toppers; purchase a roll of floral moss from the local craft store. Cut the moss to the correct height for the cake and back it with wax paper (we used double sided tape to connect ours). Carefully run the paper around the side of the cake. Possibly the easiest way ever to decorate a cake! No baking skills required.

Moss Bunny Heads

To make the moss bunny head cake toppers; make a bunny head template or download ours right here. Cut the template out and use it to trace the bunny face on the back of the moss sheet (be warned this is a super easy and extremely messy process!). Once the bunny is cut out attach a wooden skewer with hot glue onto the back going straight down for sticking in the cake.

Attach a small skewer, or toothpick behind each bunny ear with glue. Back with a second piece of moss for a look that is finished from every side.

Once the bunnies are finished, stick them into cakes, cupcakes and treats for a whimsically modern take on this magical spring holiday.

Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry. And thanks to Erin (my new assistant!) for jumping in to model.

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    • I am going to have to politely disagree with you Etta. Not everything has to be edible! How do you think sugar flowers are made for a wedding cake? With wires and foam middles! What about structural support for tiered cakes? It’s made with wooden, metal or plastic dowels! I think you need to educate yourself before making these types of comments.

      I think this is a great little tutorial that’s easy for the everyday person, especially for people with time constraints. There is also a protective barrier between the moss and the cake (in the way of wax paper) to prevent any sorts of contamination. Great work!

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