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Mother’s Day Tote Bags

Mother's Day Tote Bags

With Mother’s Day coming quickly I am always trying to be a little creative when celebrating my own mom and my mom friends. To celebrate all the Mothers I know with a pinch of fun – confetti is a great way to go. Colorful, fun, playful, exactly how motherhood ought to be. This tote bag is simple to make and it packs loads of thoughtful fun. Fill the tote with her favorite things for a Mother’s Day present any girl will treasure.

Mother's Day Tote Bags

Mother's Day Tote Bags

To make the Mother’s Day tote bags you will need:

Mother's Day Tote Bags

Mother’s Day Tote Bag

  1. Print the template over the t-shirt transfer sheet. Our template is already set to mirror image so directly print it onto the transfer.
  2. Iron the tote bag to get rid of any wrinkles.
  3. Iron the template over the tote bag per the transfer instructions.
  4. Add some confetti’s, goodies, and a card for your mom and you are good to go.

The totes are a great way to craft something special for mom and they will be perfect for our upcoming confetti filled spring baby shower too!

(Graphic Design + Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Marie Laure).

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