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How to Make a Movie Night Grazing Board + FREE Printable

When it comes to planning the perfect movie night there are two main components, a great movie and yummy treats. There is nothing better than settling down under a warm and cozy blanket, with a platter full of snacks and enjoying a classic movie. We have put together an ultimate movie night grazing board, with the cutest themed cupcake tutorial. But wait, there’s more! We also came up with a FREE must-watch movie list, perfect to check off for every upcoming movie night.

Movie Night Grazing Board


How to Plan the Perfect Movie Night Grazing Board

There are 4 Main Point to consider when planning any board:

  1. Serving Dishes
  2. Focal Point or Themed Item
  3. Core Elements
  4. Details
Movie Night Grazing Board

For our Movie Night Grazing Board we stay on the star studded theme of all things movie and Hollywood. From popcorn bucket cupcakes to star shaped meats and cheeses. Plus we scattered our favorite classic movie candies for the full experience.


charcuterie board Ideas

See How to Make a Movie Grazing Board

We put together the best-detailed video on how we created this movie night grazing board. See all the fun details!

Free Printable Movie Night Watch List

Coming up with the perfect movie can be the hardest part of planning a movie night. So we thought we would help you out with a list of classic movies that everyone in the family will love! Download your FREE copy here!

Movie Night Watch List Ideas
Movie Night Grazing Board


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(Photos + Video @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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