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Mustache sticks

Mustache sticksI have been taking on the arduous task of organizing our garage this week. In the process, I’ve found multiple projects that I have yet to share but completely meant to… Like these mustache party sticks.

By far one of my most popular party items- I am often receiving emails asking about making them, it’s about time I share them with you:)

Mustache party sticks:

  • Mustache sticksYou can download the template for the mustache party sticksHERE. Print out in landscape view and cut your mustache to size.

  • Using a white pencil, trace the mustache template onto stiff black felt and cut out, you should be able to fit 6 tracing (equaling 3 mustaches) on each 8×11 felt piece.
  • Using fabric glue combine two of the cutout mustache designs together with a wooden kitchen dowel or candy stick in between. Note* If you use sticky back felt it makes this step even easier.
  • Press down and hold to set glue on each side of your stick.

Go crazy with this project, you can make your mustaches any color imaginable! They are great props for photo-booths, a single stache would make a fun party favor, or just have a stack of them sitting nearby in case someone feels like being a bit silly!

PS. This fall I plan on personalizing one for each guest and using them as seating cards for a small dinner party, along with hanging the mustache party banner above the table.



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