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Since my work is creative – sometimes I can forget I need to be creative, just for me. I had the joy to read the new book Creativity Takes Courage this last month and it was a wonderful reminder of this.

Creativity Takes Courage book review

The book is filled with chapters on being creative and how the process is both scary and wildly freeing.

The book is set up as a series of dares. When’s the last time someone dared you to do something and you actually did it?

These dares are worth it though – intended to break you out of your usual habits and approach to creating, and to give you a fresh perspective and leave your comfort zone. If you’ve ever wanted to be creative – I will suggest you jump into this book and run with the ideas it presents.

Dare to be bored, dare to fail, dare to team up!

I have been loving reading the encouragements and remembering that taking creative risks is a huge way we’ve grown out business from day one.

Daily Project to foster creativity

The dare I chose to focus on first was the dare to commit. Which was an encouragement on taking a larger project and making it smaller.

A daily project.

One of the things I love about this book is that while the dares are stretching and can be scary, they are also realistic to accomplish in my busy and chaotic world. The chapter I focused on first said… don’t plan a 365 day project, that might be too much – instead focus on just a daily one and go from there.

creativity dare

The daily project I picked was to write something positive on the sidewalk with chalk. It’s been a fun project to revive my creativity heading into fall and create – just for the joy of it.

Seeing as how I never would normally take time to play with chalk. Doing it brought all kinds of fun ideas and inspiration to my life. Here are some of the fun chalk designs we created and good inspiration for your own daily project of creativity.

Sidewalk chalk art LOVE

sidewalk chalk art Friyay!

sidewalk chalk art balloonSidewalk chalk art rainbowCreativity Takes Courage

It may seem silly that doing something creatively that has nothing to do with work or your real life could be worth it. But I think the book sub-title is 100% correct here.

Dare to Think Differently.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from blogging for 9 years, its that the creative side doesn’t just happen. We need to be continually fostering it and feeding it with new ideas and challenges, if we want to continue to think differently.

If you’re feeling in a rut this fall, or maybe just desiring to start something new – go buy this book and work through it. I imagine your next big idea will pop out as you follow the dares inside.

This post was created in partnership with the book, Creativity Takes Courage is by the co-founders and creative directors of Flow magazine, Irene Smit and Astrid Van der Hulst. It is on sale August 21, 2018 and retails for $21.95, available wherever books are sold.

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