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my list – the best summer projects

The best summer projects

Summer is basically here!!! It’s time to bust out the bug spray and host friends all season long. Whether I’m traveling or at home, the summer season is such a great time for crafting and trying out new projects.

I always have a summer hit list filled with projects I want to tackle, and this season my list has quickly spun out of control. Figured I’d share part of the crazy long list with you. So many awesome things to do this season. Here are my plans. What are yours?

fort building

Let the fort-building begin! You don’t need a special reason to camp out under the stars with your favorite human beings. Tis’ the season for forts, blankets, and our annual night out under the stars. We’ve used some variation of this same design every year and it’s always a hit.

Homemade Sunscreen

Learn how to create this fabulous homemade coconut sunscreen for super cheap using beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and some zinc oxide powder. The all-natural homemade remedy for sun burns is super healthy, and simple to make. We’ve been using it for years, saying no to parabens, and lathering up to soak in summer rays.

Roasted Peach Lemonade

Oh my… this roasted peach lemonade leaves my mouth watering on hot summer days. I mean, doesn’t this look absolutely amazing? I’ve really loved trying out new lemonade recipes this year! What’s your favorite one?


Re-style your yard games with these gorgeous painted horse-shoes. Leave the set out all summer and watch your friend’s just happen to gather at your house more often.


Have a pool party coming up and your decor ideas are running thin? Don’t do the luau theme again, re-style this incredible garland with pool noodles. You heard me right…pool noodles! Stock up on a few pool noodles and have a styled decor piece in moments!


Wanted to put the pretty spring flowers to use? Get this project on your list ASAP. A dainty DIY pressed flower case iPhone case is fresh and fun for summer.


Put your green thumb to work with this DIY rain barrel. Why pay to water your plants when you can save up your own? This project will show you how easy rainwater barrels are to make. We built a couple and are preparing to enjoy a beautiful summer harvest!


Style a tired pair of sneakers with a good ol’ dip-dye. The great yellow fade on these kicks just screams summery goodness!


This anchor piñata is sure to be a hit at your next get-together. Whether kids are involved or not, piñatas always bring out the party animals in my family.


Who doesn’t love a competitive game of corn hole? This sweet DIY Cornhole set is always a great conversation starter. The project is easier than you’d think and it’s a great project for the endless summer days ahead.


Get the party started with a sweet honey beer-mosa recipe! The tasty drink will be the perfect addition to your happy hour festivities. Since these do technically include orange juice, you can even include them at your Saturday morning brunches.


Every year we like to find one new burger recipe to add to the collection. This chipotle turkey burger is taking the prize this summer as our new grill go-to. I cannot describe how much I love the nectarine basil salsa that spills out of these burgers. Can you say holy yum? Try one at your next BBQ.


And my favorite way to compliment those spicy burgers is with a little something sweet. Remember these tasty mini peach pies? They are the perfect end to a summer party on your front lawn and they only cost 69 cents a piece!


Creating a stacked herb garden is always on my summer list. We use it continually in the warm months for cooking and cocktails. This bucket would allow one to work just about anywhere.


As a mom, summer inevitably means keeping the little crazy storms happy and busy as the days linger on. Shake up the days with this Mom I’m Bored Jar. Fill the jar with boredom buster activities the kids to enjoy (or do it for yourself even!) and enjoy a bit of fun revelry everyday.


I am dying over this ridiculously amazing DIY summer satchel. The lines make it perfect for vacations and for racing around running errands in the hot summer sun.


Just feel like you never have enough storage around your home? Welcome to my life. This stunning DIY braided basket is perfect for stuffing towels and treats in the truck for quick runs to the beach and it’s a lovely addition for any living room this season.


I’ve gone to brain freeze heaven with this Riesling strawberry slush recipe. All you need for this recipe is a decent bottle of Riesling, strawberries, lime juice, and sugar. It’s five o clock somewhere, right?


Nothing says summer like wearing shorts! Learn how to create these dollie shorts and spice up last year’s pair. You know… that pair that has the unrecoverable mustard stain that you haven’t been able to part ways with. Just cover it up with cute dollies!


Why does the summer make me crave salads more? Something about the heat waves make me crave the crispness of a great summer salad. You must check out this recipe that I am loving for brunches right now. It includes avocado, cherry tomatoes, and feta. Yum!


We already have lists and lists of friends to invite over for swimming fun this summer. I’m just planning to keep this awesome beach volleyball garland up all season for a little extra flair.


Have a blast with this DIY Ring Toss Game made out of old plastic toy animals. I am so in love with this idea. The game is perfect for setting out on a table with appetizers and drinks while waiting for the meat to cook.


Cool off your evening with these irresistible thumbprint popsicles. Just a few of the flavors included in this tutorial are strawberry fruit pops with marshmallow fluff and pina colada pops with a apricot marmalade. Bring on summer, I am dying for these sweet treats again this year!


And for the birthday’s we are celebrating this summer – an amazing Pistachio Melon Cake. It literally has watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew inside of it. How could this not be the perfect thing to serve, always!?


Can you get any cuter than these DIY Paper Fruit Plates?! They are perfect for a little extra decor at your afternoon picnics and who knows… it may inspire the kids to eat the actual fruit on their plates. A mom can dream:)

I am so happy summer is rapidly approaching and all the festivities will begin. My little list keeps on growing! What summer projects are on your list?


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  1. Love that you have a summer project list! I just planted my herb garden last weekend and have already been using it in almost every dish or meal I eat…bagel with cream cheese, throw some fresh herbs on it, yum! Pasta salad, add some fresh herbs, desserts and drinks, add some mint or basil, YUMMMM! Love this list!

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