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Circus Costumes Ideas for Your Twins

We did a styled photo session with the kids earlier this year that was set up like a circus party! It was so fun and in a lot of ways describes life these days. It’s been a crazy season around here. Like a circus. Ha! Most days I function more like ringmaster making sure all the pieces of life are falling together – and ensuring no one gets eaten by a lion. ;) But to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love my little circus and these adorable circus costume ideas.

Circus Costume IdeaCircus Performer Halloween Costume

We are still deciding our Halloween costumes – I’m glad you loved the Cotton Candy idea this week. So fun! We have a bunch more costume ideas to share over the next month. Posting Halloween costume ideas that are bright & festive (and not spooky at all!) is one of my favorite blog series we do every year. You can find all the past ideas right here, but if nothing else makes the cut, going as a circus performer seems just about right during this season of life.

Circus Performer Halloween Costumes

Circus Performer Halloween Costume

What you will need to make these Circus Costume Ideas

Making a boy circus costume come together is as simple as a red shirt, black vest and a barbell.

Make the barbell by spray painting 2 large Styrofoam balls and one wooden stick.

Combine it all and it’s an easy last-minute costume to make happen for your fun loving dude.

Circus Performer Halloween Costume

For the feathered circus performer costume, we cut up a pink boa and used hot glue to add it to a dress-up dress.

A length of jeweled ribbon, feathers and hot glue make for a sweet circus crown. Combine it with white tights (we painted ours to match this look) and you have a circus performer in 5 minutes flat.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Lemaire Photography).

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