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my party shopping trick

Quirky pillows

Although we normally DIY most of our party decor – there is always that pesky need to go shopping whenever we host a celebration.

No matter where I am shopping for a party I have a little trick I often use to make the space come together in a cinch. I look to find three things that will make any party scheme work; one bright focal point, one quirky detail and one substantial classic piece.

Party lights

The bright focal point can be anything from strands of bright lights to a huge colorful bouquet of flowers. I would much rather invest a little more on one large bright piece in the center of the room that will call great attention to itself, rather than lots of do-dads around the room.

The quirky detail will instantly make my guests smile and feel at home. I love having a friend walk into a room and let out a little laugh at something they see, it starts the party off so great. A pillow with zebras – perfect! A vase shaped like a fish, a massive watermelon serving platter, or a funky pinata in a corner all work just as great.

The substantial classic party piece is also super important. A gorgeous cake stand, nice and comfortable chairs, a needed umbrella – what I really aim for here is a piece that will effortlessly tie all the DIY, quirky and bright elements together.

Think I am asking too much of a purchase? What can I say, I like my shopping to be worth it.

Try it out next time you host – just grab one of each of these three items and see how quickly your space comes together.


quirky zebra pillow

We are hosting our first summer party next week and Pier 1 is partnering with us to make it happen. We spent a day shopping at their local store to outfit our deck for the party, it felt more like treasure hunting than shopping. The store had lots of bright, quirky, and fun products to choose from. Here are a few of the treasures we found:

Strands of these bright lights that are instantly making our deck look festive and ready to party. New chairs will are a great classic purchase for comfy guest seating. And pillows! So many pillows – obviously the quirky zebras are my favorite.

How do you shop when prepping for a party? Do you have any tricks for making it easy? I’d love to know.

Find what speaks to you.

(This post is done in promotional partnership with Pier 1 imports.)

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