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My Sneaky Bathroom Prep Secret


When I am busy preparing for having people over, I always hit that moment when I realize I’ve spent all my time prepping and no time getting myself ready. No matter how great I plan the day, the moments I have to gussy up for the part of hostess are always cut short. I still remember how I rushed around showering 10 minutes before this special event.

But then I learned a sneaky little prep secret that I now use every time…

I gently wash the shirt or dress I plan to wear to the party in the early morning. I hang it in my shower with the bathroom window open. The fresh air dries my outfit and gives it the BEST feeling and smell. No matter how stressed I was moments before, putting on a freshly air-dried top quickly transforms me into a relaxed and ready party hostess. There’s a strange luxury in the fabric of clothing dried by a fresh breeze.

Having the window open through the day gives the bathroom a wonderfully fresh feel.

I once read how our guest bathroom is the most important part of making guests feel at home.

It’s the only room where a guest will spend time alone, and consequently they’ll pay more attention to their surroundings. A guest may not notice the vintage vases on your bookshelf, but they’ll definitely see the hand soap by the bathroom sink.

I love using this trick to add the easy detail of a fresh breeze to my bathroom right before guests arrive.

As we are working on the bathroom renovation plans today, I look forward to making this routine even easier with the right details. But for today… my shower bar, pink bathtub tile, and the cool spring breeze wafting onto my party shirt will get me through the last minute party dash. Do you have any great party prep secrets? I’d love to hear.

(Photography ©Briana Morrison/Stocksy International).

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