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My sneaky video trick

A sneaky trick to look great on video

Last month, I took a short trip to San Francisco to film a fun party clip. I am not a crazy huge fan of video – mostly because I end up feeling silly and unnatural when being filmed. I make weird faces and often freeze up when it’s time to go.

Here’s the thing, no matter how much I protest – film and video are becoming larger parts of our online world and larger parts of my own business. Even for those who don’t blog – videos are becoming a huge part of how we all capture life together.

The last trip I took was by far the best video experience I’ve had. I think that is because I started using this little trick…

When the camera turns to me… instead of being me, I act like the actress playing myself in the clip.

Does that sound crazy? It seriously works!

Everything is supposed to be exaggerated on camera and that can feel horribly awkward. BUT if I am not me behind the lens. If I am an actress (a beautiful and talented actress at that) playing me – well then, of course I can smile with a crazy silly grin. I can cheers as high as needed, because this actress playing me does such a great job exaggerating all the fun and leaving out all the awkward.

She is awesome!

She is the character – which is somehow so much easier than being just me. Everyone says just be yourself. But what if yourself is horribly awkward in front of the lens? Well then, be someone amazing… playing you. ;)

After trying this trick out at our last shoot – and seeing it work, I’ve begun using it when the Instagram videos start up at home. An actress playing me can laugh and giggle with the kids with abandon. Next, I’m going to try it out on the photo side and see if it helps to liven up how I act in still shots too.

What about you? Do you naturally act awesome on camera, or could you use a little help? Would you try this trick? I’d love to hear if it works for you.

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  1. Hah! This is a great & crazy tip, and I’m totally gonna try it! I get weird on video too and end up being the awkward “Chandler version” of myself. (Remember Chandler’s weird fake smile in the engagement pics? Yep. That’s me on video.)

    BTW-haven’t visited the site in a while and I love the new look.

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