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My { TYPE } of party

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If you’ve been around here for long, you know how much I love typography. Typography cake, letter decal balloon banner, typography confetti, 25 colorful fonts… There’s something about putting text in the midst of my house that seems to make it come alive. Target has a ton of fun textual exclamations to make decorating with typography fun for everyday or for making a party day extra special.



At home is a fun statement to make with the help of a wooden @ symbol and a bit of hot pink paint. There is an entire wall of wooden text letters and symbols to use for brightening up a bookcase this summer. Placing the exclamations amongst the stacks of books we have is a great mesh of functional and fun everyday style.


letters on lemons - fun seating card idea

Wooden letters as drink markers

I also found a box of small typography letters, which I can think of about a million things to do with. For our entertaining focused home, with just a dab of glue, they become the best drink markers ever. They could also be used as garland, cake toppers, dresser knobs with a screw glued onto the back, or even painted and lined up on a piece of canvas to create a custom piece of art for at home.

Typography invites

Typography invitations

Taking inspiration from the iconic typography line for home, I designed these text forward party invitations. The accordion folded paper expands to reveal a bold and simple text invite. Drinks. Dinner. Party. You’re Invited. Say whatever you need and simply write in the party details on the back for a fun way to bring typography quickly into any celebration.

Typography invitations

Typography invitations

To make the typography invitations, start with a long and narrow paper to fold – for a small word a 12×12 scrapbook paper will work. For longer invitation words, cutting down a colorful piece of poster board works great.

Fold the paper into an accordion fold back and forth down the invitation length. You’ll need one fold per letter – if you end up with too many folds, just cut the invitation at the end.

Next cut out the party word letters in a contrasting color. The more iconic and bold the text the better. It is easy to create these on a computer at home and print onto colored card stock paper.

Glue the letters to the paper invite. I also glued a matching piece of glittered craft paper to the front and back of the invite to make it stand out. Write in the party details and place the invite in an envelope or tie it shut for hand delivery.

Typography invitations


Target’s entire line of typography home decor will make my house and gatherings sing with custom, personal party style.

TARGET_LOGOFind your style @TargetStyle.


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