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Necessities For Holiday Travel With Kids

This post is sponsored by Amazon, but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

With the holidays here, comes the joy of travel with kids in tow for us. Do you travel for the holidays or do you stay cozy at home?

Whether we are road tripping to see the family or flying across the country for a wedding, the twins have gotten really great at traveling over the years. I do have a secret weapon that I use in all travel situations and I’m sure our trips would be totally different without our favorite All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet. It’s a life saver in all the sticky travel situations! The fact that the kids can download and watch an entire season of their favorite show is life changing for a delayed and packed out holiday plane ride.

Before each trip I create a fun travel pack for the kids – based mostly on where we are going, things I know they will love, and the specific time of year. This pack becomes are go-to in all the travel situations from airport layovers to LONG hours in the car together. It allows them to keep entertained and allows me a little space and time to enjoy the ride along with them.

The first thing in our pack is obviously the All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet & our favorite headphones for listening.

Starting in November, kids can now download and watch their favorite shows without any need for connection. Just like a book they’ve downloaded, they can now finish watching their favorite movie or the first season of WellieWishers, my daughters favorite, while driving in the middle of the dessert. Where no connection is possible! This innovation makes travel even easier as we are juggling enough to get home this holiday season. The Free Time parent dashboard also makes it super simple for me to monitor what the kids are doing – even while we are across the country.

Im their travel packs, I also like to include a fun pair of glasses for wearing in the car and a comfy eye mask for flying at night. I’ve found the dusk hours can be the hardest for the kids to settle during travel, so including what they need to drown out the bright city lights and noises can help them relax as we go. Snacks and glow sticks are also must haves for traveling in kid-friendly style.

Another thing we’ve started doing when traveling is to give the kids their own little travel fund. A small coin purse or bag filled with quarters they can use at a rest stop video game, or to buy a special candy treat they’ve been eyeing. Especially on a long trip this can break up the journey and teaches them to budget along the way.

One fun game we started this last trip was to allow the kids to start out with a set amount of money and anytime they didn’t act in an acceptable way we asked for a couple quarters from them. It’s amazing how quickly the sibling car rivalry simmered down. ;)

Wherever we travel this holiday season having our Amazon FreeTime Unlimited all-in-one subscription service makes life so much easier! It gives the kids unlimited access to over 15,000 books, videos, educational apps, and games that are age-appropriate and hand-curated by the FreeTime team. Perfect for on the road and for allowing the kids a little wind down time once we get to grandma’s house.

What do you like to bring while traveling? I’d love to know.

(Photography @A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney).

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