16 Nerf Party Ideas for 2022

What kid doesn’t love a Nerf party?

At some point your son or daughter is probably going to beg you for a themed birthday bash, or even just a weekend celebration – and a Nerf party could be the perfect answer.

If you’re looking to plan a Nerf-themed party any time soon, we’ve got a few hot tips for how best to plan it. Here are our favorite Nerf party games and ideas for your next backyard celebration.

Nerf Party Game Ideas

Take a look at some of our super fun DIY Nerf party game ideas, that are guaranteed to take your party to the next level!

1. Nerf Gun Pinata

Nerf Gun Pinata

Who doesn’t love a pinata? This super cool DIY pinata game is sure to go down a treat with everyone at the party, and you even get to have your own fun constructing, painting, and filling it with the kids!

2. Spinning Nerf Targets

Spinning Nerf Targets

This simple shooting gallery is easy to make, and perfect for smaller Nerf parties and younger children. All you really need is spare cardboard, bamboo skewers, plastic straws, and general crafting supplies.

The spinning targets are super fun to aim at, and the spinning feature makes it easy for your kids to know when they’ve scored! You can also make it smaller or bigger depending on the party size.

3. Tin Can Nerf Targets

Tin Can Nerf Targets

What’s the point of a Nerf party if you don’t have any targets to aim at?

These color-coordinated shooting range targets are perfect to set up your game properly, and all you need is some empty cans to get things going!

4. Nerf Capture the Flag

Nerf Capture the Flag

There’s no better game than Capture the Flag that encapsulates the excitement of a Nerf party. Have your kids split into two teams, each with a base and a flag.

They must defend their own base, obtain the other team’s flag, all while avoiding being hit and getting sent back to their base. It doesn’t get any better!

5. Shooting Range For Nerf Party

Shooting Range For Nerf Party

This awesome shooting range only takes a little bit of finessing, plus paper plates, string, and two wooden stakes.

But it makes a great practice range before you start the more difficult team games, and it’s a perfect spot for younger siblings and children who might be too young to play Capture the Flag and other combative games.

6. Nerf Party Obstacle Course

Nerf Party Obstacle Course

If you want to set up a fully-loaded homemade obstacle course, take some notes here. By rounding up old recycled tin & plastic drums, tires, old tubes, and swimming noodles, you can recreate a truly incredible and immersive experience in your own backyard.

7. Nerf War Bases & Battlefield

Nerf War Bases & Battlefield

If an obstacle course is too time-costly or large for your backyard, consider a smaller but still exciting Nerf battlefield, with bases, barriers, and crawl spaces.

Use your imagination, and get the kids to help you during the building process, so they’ll have even more appreciation for their battlespace.

8. Pallet Battlement For Nerf Games

Pallet Battlement For Nerf Games

If you want an even simpler, less resource-dependent set-up then consider building some of these pallet battlements!

They’re super straightforward and easy to build, all you need to do is nail them together to represent a defensive wall/battlement and put them on both ends of the backyard. And boom! You’ve got two effective bases for your Nerf party.

9. Ammo Refill Station

Ammo Refill Station

This simple refill station is a must-have for your Nerf party, as we have no doubt your little ones will be emptying their guns within minutes!

A basket or box (or 2 or 3) with appropriate signage is just another simple touch that will elevate your Nerf party to another level, ensuring kids can play without pause for the whole day.

Nerf Party Ideas At Home

If you’re entertaining at your own house and want to dress up the backyard before the rest of the little Nerf troopers come over, here are some of the cutest ways to accessorize and decorate for a Nerf party. These are our favorite Nerfy party ideas for at home.

1. Nerf Party Favors

nerf party favors

If you’re throwing a Nerf-themed birthday party, you’re going to want a cute set of party favors for your guests to take home with them.

These Nerf party favors are guaranteed to remind them of the happy memories they’ve just had battling it out in your backyard.

2. Nerf Party Invites

Nerf Party Invites

Themed invites are an easy way to add to the decor and atmosphere of your party – before your guests have even walked through the door.

Just print off these awesome templates and you’ll have a whole set of Nerf-themed party invites ready to go!

3. Nerf B-Day Cake

Nerf B-Day Cake

No party is complete without cake! And with this deliciously simple yet aesthetically pleasing Nerf-themed cake, you’re sure to have the kids (and parents) bellies rumbling!

4. Nerf Cookies

Nerf Cookies

If you want to get fancy with your party treats, why not take a shot (pun intended) at making some Nerf cookies? It’ll take some steady hands and piping equipment, but the result will be 100% worth it.

5. Dart Belt Nerf Accessory

Dart Belt Nerf Accessory

Now, this is a truly awesome accessory that will ensure that your kids and their friends will have the maximum amount of fun that they can.

These epic Nerf dart belts mean they will have instant access to their Nerf darts, without having to make frequent trips to refill stations.

6. Nerf Gun Balloons

Nerf Gun Balloons

These Nerf gun balloons will truly take your party to the next level and are sure to leave your young guests and their parents in awe.

Of course, if you feel the Nerf gun balloon is a bit advanced for you, you can also opt for a more simple but still awesome balloon display like this, with the classic Nerf colors – blue, orange, and white.

7. Nerf Juice

nerf juice

After hours of mock battles and Capture The Flag competitions, your little soldiers are going to need refreshments. This awesome juice station set-up is an easy way to further add to your Nerf-themed decorations.

All you need is appropriately colored cups and orange and blue Gatorade, or any other juice or drink with similar colors.

Nerf Party Ideas: Ground Rules

Nerf Ground Rules

Though Nerf guns are harmless when used properly, playing group Nerf games can get heated if kids aren’t given proper rules and restrictions to play by.

Setting up some ground rules before your kids come over is the best way to ensure that your party runs smoothly. Here are some ground rules we like to set up before the games begin:

Goggles Must Be Worn While Playing

All children should be wearing protective goggles while they play. It makes all Nerf games much, much safer.

No Shooting Above The Shoulders

An easy way to avoid potential accidents – the last thing you want is a crying child, and the face is one of the most sensitive areas.

Don’t Shoot While Someone Is Reloading

It’s a cheap shot, and not fair on the kids who need to take a pause to reload their Nerf guns.

Do Not Shoot Unarmed People

This one speaks for itself. Make sure all of your guests understand that if someone doesn’t have a gun, it means they don’t want to be a part of the game (and certainly don’t want to be shot!)

No Close Range Shots

Close-range shots can hurt, even with a Nerf dart! Keeping shots long-range will keep your kids happier and more willing to play for longer.

When Someone Says “Stop,” You Must Stop

This one is important. If anyone is feeling hurt or distressed, or simply wants to stop playing, it’s important that everyone knows when to back down and let them gather themselves, or give them a chance to leave the game.

These are just some of the rules we’ve used, but feel free to add more if you think it’s necessary. Every Nerf party is different, and you want to make sure your rules reflect the kind of atmosphere you want your kids to be a part of on the day.

You should also enforce some kind of consequence for breaking these rules since we all know kids aren’t likely to follow your rules without them.

Try not to be too strict as it might hamper children’s enjoyment on the day – 5-10 minutes of downtime out of the game, or removal of their Nerf gun for a limited period.

We also recommend printing these rules out on large posters or handwriting them on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

Place the rule boards at the entrance of the house/venue, or even on the front door, to ensure that all children and parents see them before entering.

Planning a Nerf-themed party for your kids is guaranteed to be a fun experience, so enjoy it!

And make sure to get your little ones involved with the building and planning processes, as it will get them even more excited about the party, whether they are baking cookies, decorating with balloons, or helping to build the battlements.

If you’re looking for more themed party ideas, A Subtle Revelry is the place for you! Check out more of our articles and guides for all the DIY inspiration you could ask for.