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New Years Countdown

This season I had the pleasure of joining Liz on her festive blognog series. I shared a sweet Christmas countdown with easy DIY instructions. Although Advent is almost over, I thought it would be a fun way to continue the holiday festivities by counting down the New Year.

Follow the instructions found here except stamp on days to countdown the final week of the year, include treats to indulge yourself in before the season is officially over and before your important resolutions begin!

Stamp on an hour countdown and give your guests a new treat to open as you await the clock together. Stamp on a minute countdown, including sweet wishes for the New Year to share in the final moments of 2010. Add a pretty bold ribbon for tying and make the favor molds with festive metallic thread for a celebration truly worthy of ending the year right!

Photos of my work by Carly Taylor



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  1. This looks great Victoria! Have a wonderful Christmas and be on the lookout for a rabbit in the New Year! It’s been fun “talking” to you – hope next year brings more of the same. Be merry, Stephie x

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