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No sew fabric flowers

This is the week that flowers start their season, from red roses for Valentines – through peonies in May. It is the time of year when everything floral feels fresh and pretty. Make a bouquet that will last the whole season long with coordinating shades of your favorite fabric. Use the flowers lined on a string as garland, spread about the table as simple confetti, stitched to a thick ribbon as a bracelet, or put together in succession to spell out whatever your sentiment might be.

These simple floral bunches require no sewing skills beyond a simple hand stitch or two (you could even use glue), making them a simple and easy project to begin a season worth celebrating.

To make the no sew fabric flowers begin with a 3 inch square of fabric…

Fold up the four corners and do a small hand-stitch (or fabric glue dot) to combine them. Then push your needle up through the front of the bunch and back through where you started two to three times. If you are using glue, pick two or three spots to glue the fabric together underneath. Tie off and cut the excess string. Each flower will be bunched in an imperfect and different, adding to its charm.

Photography in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. I love these! I’m so glad I have found your blog! You have so many great DIY projects! I am having a spring soirée this march, and I am totally using these cute flowers on all the party favors!

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