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Not-So Sleepover Party Idea

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What is your stance on sleepovers for kids? I remember being a kid and LOVING a good sleepover, but now that my kids are getting to that age it seems so much less romantic. Between sleep issues and the 179 other things I’d worry about, we’ve decided to just nix the whole sleepover idea outside of family & family like friends.

For my girlies 8th birthday party she desperately wanted to have a sleepover. We compromised and had a not-so sleepover which ended up being the perfect way to get the sleepover feel without all the sleepover stress.

The concept is that kids come over in their jammies, do all the sleepover things they would normally do, and then go home to their own beds around 9-10pm.

All the fun + all the sleep & none of the mommy worry.

We did pizza, makeovers, a dream catcher craft, photo booth pictures, a movie… and we all still got a full night’s sleep. It felt like such a win for everyone and best way to host an 8 year old girl’s party.

How to handle sleepovers The girls loved it so much that we’ve been having not-so sleepovers on a consistent basis, trading houses and then coming home to sleep. It’s been such a parenting win! Would you attempt this type of party, or a real sleepover, or something totally different? If you have kids of the sleepover age I’d love to know how you handle these things.

PS. How to smell pretty at parties & a selfie party game the older kids will love.

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