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Oh moose…

Did you notice the moose on the Christmas mantel? I made him into a large wall ornament which is putting such a smile on my face with every passing glance.

You should definitely make one for your wall as well! It is a super easy project that brings a heavy dose of holiday cheer.

To recreate: Cover a large embroidery hoop with a pretty holiday print and cut the fabric in back down to size. Search online for whatever animal silhouette you would like to use (there are thousands you could choose from). If you have access to a photo program you can change the sizing and dimensions to fit well with your ornament, then print and cut out your animal head. Lastly, trace your design onto the back of a piece of fabric, cut once again and attach with spray adhesive to the hung fabric.

A very happy moose indeed!

Photography by Carly Taylor


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  1. This is my favorite part of your holiday mantel! I love the mix of old-world and modern Christmas decor. Are there some types of fabrics that are better than others for stretching over the hoop? In the past, I’ve had fabrics start to sag over time–some sooner than others.

  2. Thanks Deanna. Cotton blends tend to work the best on the hoops. I’ve used them in varying sizes throughout the year for a few different projects and I have found a simple cotton blend to pull the nicest. Make sure you tighten well and you could even run a small strip of glue around the inner hoop to help in keeping your fabric tight! Merry Christmas!

A dusty Christmas mantel

A perfect style.