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Organizing craft supplies

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How to organize your craft supplies

When it comes to organizing craft supplies I’d like to think that I’m an expert. The process of keeping all our supplies in working order has always been a huge part of my job. From the styling elements for photo shoots (not that I’m complaining about having 30 different cake stands), to the sheer number of paintbrushes I always have on hand; it all needs a spot! As we jump back into fall, the busiest crafting season of the year, it’s a great time to take stock of the supplies on hand and get everything organized and ready.

There are a lot of different ways to organize. We currently have a storage tower in my office (like this one) for the little pieces I need on hand daily and 3 sets of bookshelves downstairs lined with styling details and craft supplies. Here are the 5 ways I make everything fit and look pretty…

Organize small gems in pretty pencil bags! Click for more organizing tips...

1. Zip open all your bags

We end up with a lot of small crafty elements – gems, candles, confetti – little things that would easily get lost in a larger container and take up way to much space in a square. To gather the little, odds and ends that I want to keep together I use a collection of cute pencil bags, sometimes plastic bags, and often pretty coin purses. They make for a quick grab when I need a little extra something for a photo shoot and the bags are easy to store together in larger baskets and bins.

Organize your desk with cups.

2. Place cups on the desk

I am obsessed with buying simple plastic cups. They are the perfect way to store desk supplies. They are awesome stand-ins for painting water. I find you can never have enough of these simple containers! I currently have about 15 cups holding various supplies on the office desk – sometimes I put new craft elements (like these large paperclips) in them just so I will see them and remember to use them.

the best tips for organizing your craft supplies.

3. Stackable storage that will save a life

Okay maybe saving a life is an overstatement, but I bet it will save a business or a marriage! About 2 years ago I hit an organization nightmare – I had way to many little bags and boxes. We were preparing for a house move, I was in the middle of writing Materially Crafted, and I literally had an entire 3-car garage filled with crafting supplies. You laugh. You think I am exaggerating. Let me tell you – I was not.

We could not park our cars in a 3 CAR GARAGE!!! Because of craft supplies.

Because there were balloons, and piñatas, and floral wire – EVERYWHERE! I admitted myself into piñata hoarding therapy and then I walked into Target and bought about 40 of these stackable bins. I love that they are the perfect size for my craft collections. Floral wire in one, tape in another, balloons, garland, glitter… I can keep as much of any craft supply as fits in a bin. The rest I tossed. I have a bin for just about every craft supply imaginable. It’s been one of the few organizational systems that has worked for me. This is why…

  • Each bin is transparent, so I’m never confused as to what’s inside.
  • The lids on the bins keep me accountable to not going overboard in my crafting obsession – I’ve found this concept works great for all types of hoarding tendencies: Legos, nail polish, kitchen spices. If it fits in the bin you can keep it – if not… to the trash we go.
  • I label each bin so I can find supplies easily and put them away just as easily, or at least attempt to put them away – let’s be honest here.
  • Each bin is labeled and lidded. This allows me to stack them up on the bookshelf and be able to see everything I need for crafting all at once.

How to organize wrapping paper

4. Use pretty ties

We end up with lots of rolls – wrapping paper, backdrops, streamers, garland. I’ve found some really pretty ribbon and a bit of braided streamers to tie all the different stacks together. Not only do they stay organized, but they look pretty as well. Because what’s the point of organizing if it’s not going to make you smile when you walk by? Adding a little color and spunk will give you the best of both worlds.

My favorite organization tips...

5. Look beyond the office section.

There are some crafting supplies – just like everything else in life – that won’t fit neatly in a bag or box. Instead of frustrating yourself to make a bunch of circles fit into a square, look elsewhere for the perfect storage solution. The kitchen section is a favorite place of mine to find great storage solutions like this, this, or this beauty. The garden shop always has a gem or two as well. Before you go shopping make a list of the supplies you are looking to store and keep an open mind. A spice rack can do double duty as a paint holder that might solve all your office problems for the day.

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