Our Favorite Brand Fonts

When talking about the best fonts to use, I begin to eye some of my favorite brands for great ideas. We were watching a commercial the other night and before the brand was even mentioned we guessed who it was based on nothing more than the font used in the clip. Their brand font was so strong you could tell just from seeing it.

These simple and unforgettable logos show how a great font can set your blog, your brand, or even your next party invitation apart. Let’s take a cue from their simple and stunning creativity to inspire our own creative font use. It reminds me how much awesomeness can come from the simplest of details.

Our favorite brands font selection include:

ban.do | Eurofurence
apartment therapy | Effra Medium
Anthropologie | Filosofia All Small Caps
Moleskine | Copperplate
Etsy | Times New Roman
Kate Spade | Baskerville
Nylon | Futura LT Extra Bold
Georgetown Cupcake | Helvetica Neue Condensed Thin
Instagram (older logo) | Billabong
Forever 21 | Futura Condensed

Happy Easter weekend & cheers to focusing on the crazy simple details that truly make things great.

(Font graphic ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).