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Our Favorite Craft Supplies

Inside: Our Favorite Craft Supplies

When it comes to crafting it is essential to have a list of craft supply go-to’s! With the right tools, girl you can make anything. We teamed up with our good friend Norrine from The Crafty Organizer to show you all our favorite craft supplies that we use on the regular!

Our Favorite Craft Supplies


Our Favorite Craft Supplies

Paper Crafter Supplies We Love

From making cards to cute scrapbook pages here are a few of our must haves.

Our Favorite Craft Supplies


  1. Paper Punches: I love me some paper punches. They are the best tool to keep around for quick and clean cuts. They are great for scrapbooking, card making, or cute paper embellishments.
  2. Paper Cutter: Creating crisp clean-cut lines on your paper.
  3. Paper Creaser: One of my favorite papercraft supplies. It just makes the most perfect creases ever.
  4. Scrapbook Paper: You can never have too much scrapbook paper in your supply collection. It’s perfect to make cards, signs, scrapbook pages, paper dolls, or whatever you desire.


Fabric & Sewing Supplies We Love

If you love sewing, or taking up sewing here are a few of our favorite craft supplies for just that.

Fabric Supplies


5. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Tape: This stuff is the most amazing thing ever. Seriously. If you aren’t big into sewing this stuff is perfect for you. It’s great to keep on hand for hems, and small sewing projects.

6. Water Soluble Marking Pen: Another great sewing supply. It’s great for making marks and sewing on the marked line. Plus it can be removed with just a little bit of water.

7. Curling Iron or Straightener: Using your straightener or curling iron to manipulate ribbon is such a great hack.

8. Fabric Scissors: If I ever learned anything from my grandmother and mother it would be there are FABRIC SCISSORS and there are regular scissors. Getting yourself a good pair of fabric scissors will save you in the long run.

Learn More About Our Favorites

Like I said before, our friend Norrine from The Crafty Organizer explains her favorite craft supplies and why she loves them so much. Check out her video to see what she loves, plus some GREAT organizing tips.

Home Decor & Wood Craft Supplies We Love

If you are into redoing furniture, wood crafts, or DIY home decor here are a few of our favorite craft supplies you will need.

Our Favorite Craft Supplies


9. Sander: If you wanted to save yourself a little labor then investing in a sander is a great supply to keep on hand.

10. Drill: A drill is any DIY girl must-have. From hanging pictures to making awesome DIYs.

11. Spray Paint: If you have a great selection of spray paint, then you can do it all.

12. Wood Glue: Wood glue is a staple when it comes to wood craft DIY.

Jewelry Making Craft Supplies We Love


Jewelry Making

13. Pliers Set: Every house needs a good pliers set, you know just in case you break your favorite necklace.

14. Findings Set: It’s always a great idea to keep a set of jewelry findings for any jewelry repairs or making.

15. Bead Set: I love to have a bead set around the house. They are great for making fun jewelry for your friends or letting the kids get creative.

Our All-Time Favorites

No matter what you craft or what you are doing, here are a few of our favorite craft supplies that are perfect for every project.

Our Favorite Craft Supplies


16. Crop-O-Dile: The  Crop-A-Dile allows you to add eyelets, grommets and other embellishments to any crafting project.

17: Rotary Cutter: I use a rotary cutter for everything from fabric, felt, ribbon, to even paper!

18. Butcher Paper: Butcher paper is a great supply to lay down before you start working on any project. It makes for easy cleanup and protects your surfaces.

19: Cricut Cutting Machine: Oh what a lifesaver. I am obsessed with my Cricut cutting machine. If you do a lot of cutting out like vinyl, paper, or even fabric then you should really invest in one of these bad boys.

20. Glue Dots: These are lifesavers!

A Few DIY for you to Make

Now that you know our favorite craft supplies here are a few of our favorite DIYs to make with them.

Wood Wall Art: Brighten up your walls with this cute DIY Wall Art!

No-Sew Scrunchies – Girl, it’s time to accessorize with these easy NO SEW scrunchies! That’s right, I said NO SEW!

Rainbow Paper Garland: Oh what a fun DIY!


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