In 2016, along with my husband and the twins, we purchased a home that I just adore!

Finding and getting this house was a crazy experience. We began offering on the house in August of 2015, it was the first house we toured and I just knew that it was the one. Our initial offer was turned down so off we went to find a replacement for my dream house.

After seeing a place I felt was perfect for us we must have looked at about 1,675 other houses throughout the fall and every time (even some much nicer homes) just didn’t add up to this one I knew was right. I can’t exactly explain why, I just knew it was supposed to be our home. The land and views and location were exactly what I wanted for our family, even though we knew the actual home (you know, inside the walls) was going to need an enormous amount of work.

Then we had offers on the house turned down 3 more times. Gah… It was such a heartbreak. You’d think I would have moved on, but I just couldn’t…

I am happy to say that eventually we wore them down. ;) Persistence and patience can be helpful virtues. They finally accepted our offer and we closed in late March 2016. We demo’d the entire house and slowly rebuilt it room by room. Click to read more on any room for all the products, DIY projects and decor ideas.


Where we busted down the dividing wall to make one living space that totally fits our family’s needs. Matt and I were sitting in here the other night and we both agreed this is the living room we’ve always dreamt of and now it’s here and we get to enjoy it. I mean… pinch me. Eeeek. I’m sharing a complete tour below with all the products linked and a few DIY ideas we worked into the space.


Where we’ve recently dedicated a room in our home to function as my bright + fun blogging studio. Our festive space on the internet has always been filled with a specific bright and funky style, and now I have that same fun look in a workspace that I get to enjoy daily! It makes me quite happy and I’m excited to show you around the finished space.


We took the room down to the studs and reimagined it into a space that is light + bright for our active family, including laying our own concrete countertops! The kitchen has quickly become the centerpiece of our home. We use it for eating, homeworking, entertaining, everything! We live in this space about 70% of our awake time at home and love it so much.


Our downstairs bathroom is done just in time for all our holiday guests. Whoohoo! Matt worked so hard on the space and although I’d never call it easy – the entire bathroom sure did come out beautiful. Now instead of a dingy bath/laundry combo that screamed basement utility room – we have an open concept spa like retreat that is flooded with natural light.


We jumped into doing a bathroom/laundry combo remodel late this summer when I got a crazy idea that we might as well just go ahead and MOVE THE LAUNDRY ROOM! We have the bathroom downstairs on one side of the stairs and had a small funky shaped room on the other that was just being used as storage and mess. After a bit of research we decided to run the water pipes under the stairs and now we have our own laundry room, which is basically heaven.


My new favorite space in the house isn’t actually inside the house at all. Instead it’s up in the trees on the outside of our dining and kitchen. The deck isn’t done in the sense that I envision it to be completed forever, but it is done for today and it is just perfect for right now.


For the kid’s rooms, I try to make them a bit of a collaboration. I want their spaces to reflect who they are and give them some control in the decision making process. For my daughter’s new room she asked for pink and for art, because those things make her wonderfully happy. We rounded up all the pink chairs and I let her go to town painting her first ever mural above her bed.


A fun loving room with a very LARGE cow. My boy loves animals. They’ve always been a theme in his bedrooms one way or another. Now that he is a little older I wanted to update the look from baby boy little animals to a design that would grow with him. I love the large graphic pieces in his space that bring the animal theme into a bit of an older boy aesthetic. His new room is filled with such sweet boyish animal love.


This bathroom was the worst and therefore the first one to tackle. It was REALLY gross! Since the bathroom is only used by guests and the kids we incorporated some really fun elements to give it a gorgeously light hearted vibe. We put shiplap all the way into the shower (see how!), a trough sink & pretty mint arabesque tile.


The large scale florals and moody features are so wonderfully calming. It’s exactly the type of stage I longed to set for our new grown up master bedroom. I’m really excited to share this special space with you.


We put in our own wide plank pine wood floors DIY style with a whitewash for an affordable flooring option (under $2 a sq foot!) that looks like high design.


We laid our own concrete countertops in the kitchen that are as thick as my thighs! ;) It was a messy project, but they are indestructible and serve our family well.


In the basement we took a leap of faith and tried laying vinyl tile down, it looks amazing and is virtually indestructible!