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Our Weekend In Carmel


We spent a very long weekend in Carmel, CA last week and it was beautiful. A couple years ago we went and saw so much of the California Coastline which is breathtaking. This trip though we decided to stay a bit more local and didn’t ever get back in our car after we parked it Saturday morning. It was bliss!

We stayed at Hofsas House which is an adorably quaint inn that is family owned and explored whatever we could in walking distance. The owner of the inn sat down and chatted with me telling me the story of how her mom had the hotel built just how it is, in the cliff side – specifically so you could hear the ocean from any room. For a high desert girl, there are not many sounds I love more than that.

Carmel-by-the-sea was founded as a getaway to slow life down and as a rest for the folks who brave the city everyday. After all our crazy renovation work we really needed the couple days of rest and left feeling completely unwound.

From the room we had a view of the sea and a gorgeous place to sit by the fire and read. While there I finished this book which was one of my favorites ever!


I quickly fell in love with all the textures and colors of the city. The food was so fresh (we ate at Basil Carmel one night which was one of the tastiest meals I’ve had in my life). The wine around town was also very easy to find, we received a printed map of each tasting room. Many of the tasting rooms have a very down to earth and community driven feel, which was so refreshing. We were poured more than once by the actual owners of the wineries – it was great fun to ask them questions and learn about their passions and knowledge.

While we walked and explored for a couple days I snapped some photos of my favorite little spots around town. If you haven’t been to Carmel I would suggest going soon. Not only is it beautiful, but they have so many fun and quirky little details like; no street addresses allowed and only one small sign per business. And I find this so funny, but it is actually against the law to wear high heels here. HA! After spending a weekend walking the cobblestone streets it totally makes sense. :)



The tile in this city is everything! I was astounded at how much of the city was covered in a gorgeous display of painted tiles. From the stairs to the tabletops it was beautiful and made the entire place feel cozy and welcoming.


Perched up on the giant hill looking down at the beach I felt like I was in a painting.





More gorgeous textures seemed to pop up at every turn. This city has definitely become one of my favorite spots to stop and enjoy a kid-free weekend away. I’m now feeling all ready for more vacations – perfect since we are in the final week countdown until summer break!

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