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Outdoor Party Banner

Happy March! Now that spring is coming fast, I am dreaming and prepping for a season of gatherings outside. Decorating a party outside can seem daunting at times. Bringing it to life in the yard or on the deck is as easy as adding a few simple and large statement pieces.

This office paper party banner does the trick in our space. It can be put up on any wall in about five minutes time and can be customized to any color, theme, or celebration you might be having.

To make the outdoor party banner; layer white office paper on an outdoor wall with tape. This is the tape I swear by for outdoor use, it holds up like steal even with wind and weather. Be sure the paper layer is at least 2 papers thick anywhere you will be applying paint.

Line up the papers exactly for a refined look, or put out in a crazy pattern (above) for a more relaxed birthday. Pull out your favorite color paint and a small roller and make a banner. When the party is over you can easily tear down and throw out the banner for a quick clean up.

Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry.

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