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oversized cardboard party hats

Oversized Cardboard Party Hats

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Tis’ the season for fun and whimsy, and I’m not sure we could have had more fun ever than we did making and wearing these oversized cardboard party hats! Talk about making a party statement. The look is bright, imperfect, and just really a lot of fun.

We made the hats for a party earlier this year and my family never seemed to quite get over the hoopla they left behind. I do believe they will become a festive tradition around here.

Oversized Cardboard Party Hats at A Subtle Revelry

Oversized Cardboard Party Hats at A Subtle Revelry

Oversized Cardboard Party Hats

To make the oversized cardboard party hats start by unfolding a cardboard box; we used a variation of sizes for the different shape hats. Cut the boxes along the crease and fold out to make a straight surface for cutting. Pencil in the hat design, free handing the shapes with a rule is an easy way to make our simple shapes. Then cut along the pencil lines.

Line the edges of the cardboard hats with colored, textured tape for a bright dose of color and fun.

Oversized Cardboard Party Hats at A Subtle Revelry

For the cardboard crown, roll the hat around to form a circle and glue along the seam, then cover the seam in tape to bring the design to life. Use poster-board to cover the back side of the cardboard if you wish; we liked the organic looking version.

For the triangle hats and the wide tiara, secure the cardboard hat to a headband placed in the back using hot glue. Place the headband about 1 inch over the end of the cardboard for a secure fit. Place on head and enjoy making a statement that is quite big.

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