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oversize wooden blocks

These over-sized blocks will bring a dose of brilliant fun for the kids this winter. I originally crafted them for the twins bedroom and they’ve received much playtime and love since then. Although the project looks huge it is actually very simple and would make a perfect statement under your tree or in the home of your favorite toddlers.

I started the project with a 4x4x10 foot piece of wood purchased from the hardware store for ten dollars. I had it cut right there in the store into different sized pieces, varying from 2 inches to 5 inches long. Once home I painted in the letters with stencil and acrylic paint. Then I attached simple frame hanging hardware to the back.

The blocks look awesome hanging on the bedroom wall and with the hardware attached they are very simple to  pull down for play time.

PS. After Christmas I am thinking of stenciling in Happy Birthday on a set and having an always available wooden party banner:)


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