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Fun & Fiery Fireball Jello Shots

Inside: Fiery Fireball Jello Shots. Welcome to party season, AKA our favorite time of the year. Between hosting feasts, friends and family we are always looking for fun new cocktails to try this time of year. We’ve done a number of different jello shot recipes in the past and they are always a fun way […]

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The Best Bunco Party Ideas

Inside: The best Bunco party ideas.  I don’t know about you, but there are not many things that I look forward too as much as our monthly Bunco night! It is a great time to gather with some of my best gal pals and eat, laugh, and play. We have been playing Bunco for a […]

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25 Leftover Pumpkin Ideas

Inside: 25 leftover pumpkin ideas. Some would say pumpkin season is coming to a close next week…but, we completely disagree! We can think of lots Halloween pumpkin ideas for all of those leftover pumpkins, from recipes to decor, that’ll keep them around long after fall has turned to winter. So cheer up, buttercup! Even though […]

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Foodsaver V4400 Vacuum Sealer Review

The perishable nature of most food items we consume regularly makes food an expensive commodity and also an item of high maintenance. But it is an essential need, one that can’t be substituted with anything else in the world. So the preservation of food becomes a high priority in every household. Whether you like it or not, ensuring a proper mode of food preservation falls inevitably in your monthly budget. No one wants to buy expensive food of perishable nature and watch their money go down the drain when it becomes rotten due to environmental factors.

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