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turkey tinfoil and lightened-up pumpkin pie

Looking for a quick way to make your guests smile this Thanksgiving? Turkey tinfoil to-go bags will do the trick! They are really easy to make and will turn leftovers into a fun present to take home. Here’s how to make the turkey tinfoil to-go bags: Place your leftovers in the middle of a piece […]

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how to make a pie cake

Okay… okay… I know that this time of year pies tend to own the market. But can I be honest – I prefer a cake over a pie ANYDAY! I am crazy, I know. Lucky for me this year, we don’t have to choose. I wanted the best of both worlds and was so pleased […]

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25 ways to make a pie

Now that it’s November, I have pie on the mind. Last year we stamped words into our pies and braided a perfect crust, but I was looking for a bit more creative inspiration to end this month’s epic feast. Here are 25 amazing ways to make a pie. A great pie. The kind of pie […]

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Lattice Pie Mug Toppers

To continue our week of pie crust ideas, these lattice cup toppers are one of my favorite projects for fall! They are simple to make – just a bit of cutting and criss-crossing and you will be quickly on the way to wowing your guests. The baked toppers keep warm drinks toasty while you finish […]

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apple pie a la bow

Wanting to serve up a summer dessert worthy of festive party style? Stick to tradition and make folded apple pies, but mix the idea up and serve them each with a bright pretty bow! The miniature fold-over pies made with the simple recipe below are a dessert that anyone can manage and when served up […]

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