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26 Sleepover Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Sleepover ideas

Sleepovers are like a relaxing getaway for every kid and teen across the country. It is an opportunity to bond with old school friends or new friends from that hip-hop class your child recently joined. Having so many children under one roof can be daunting, therefore, finding the right activities to keep all the little […]

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7 Party Games for Teens

Party Games for Teens

Get the laughter flowing at a party by playing some simple games. Party games don’t have to be reserved just for parties only.  They can be played at family gatherings and at home with a few friends! It can be tricky convincing your teenagers that it’s ‘cool’ putting down their phones to play a game […]

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11-Year-Old Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

11-Year-Old Party Ideas

Eleven is probably one of the most difficult birthdays to plan for. That kind of ‘in between’ age where the child is already in the double digits. Almost a teenager, but might still come running into mom and dad’s room after a nightmare. What is even appropriate for 11 year olds? Do they still see […]

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