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paint chip confetti

A festive use for that pile of free home store paint samples you may have laying around… Don’t have a pile of paint sample strips, you say? Start one today and in a few short shopping trips, you could fill a wall and make a very pretty backdrop for your next celebration. Use a one inch hole punch and double sided tape to adhere these colorful circles to any surface.

Designed by Styled Creative for a subtle revelry, photography by Alison Conklin.


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  1. Ha. I do love paint chips (it started as a kid with the “free colour bookmarks” when my dad took us to the DIY store. It also taps into the part of my brain that LOVES the Pantone colour swatch) – great idea to actually *use* the chips I hoard for something useful! Although…then I wouldn’t be able to look at them all pretty and coordinated any more… I have issues, clearly.

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