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Painted Aloe plants

Painted Aloe Plant party favors

Coming up with party favors that are beautiful, thoughtful and not knick-knacky is a challenge that I am always happy to accept. These Painted Aloe plants are a fun way to say, “thanks for celebrating today” that everyone will love. The Aloe plants are affordable to buy even for a big group, and a little paint is all you need to transform them into a bright and festive party favor.

I was so ecstatic to learn that these plants will will keep on living and growing even with a bit of paint on the tips. Their easy care will ensure the party memory lasts all season long. It’s like having a green thumb… only a hot pink, or bright yellow thumb instead!

Painted Alow plants

painted aloe plant party favors

To make the painted Aloe plant favors, purchase aloe plants. I always seem to find the best deal on aloe and succulents at my local hardware store. Pick out paint colors to match your party vibe and paint the plants (and the pots!) to match. Add stripes, polka-dots and other graphic details for a selection of favors that will really wow!

Painted plant party favors

Painted Aloe party favors

A simple thank you tag stuck into the plant says it all. Jot down a plant care note on the back – water sparingly and place in the sun.

Painted Aloe plants

Painted Aloe plant favors

Let’s give the favor of bright and beautiful plants to all our party guests this year! Happiness indeed.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).


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