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Painted canvas baskets

Stamped fruit canvas bins

My office was screaming at me for a dose of bright organization this spring. Instead of buying expensive (and never very cute) bins for storing our party supplies. I decided to make my own canvas baskets for corralling all of our random stuff. Plain canvas is crazy affordable to purchase and can be easily brightened up with a set of printable fruit stencils and paint for an office/playroom/pantry/entire house update that will make any room feel festively special.

Painted canvas bags

Painted canvas bags

Pineapple painted canvas bags

Cherry painted canvas bags

Whether I am stuffing cupcake toppers into mini canvas bins, or finally organizing our crazy wrapping paper collection in a tall one – the homemade baskets make the room look organized and fun! The perfect combination for a productive spring day at home.

Painted canvas bags

To make the canvas painted fruit bags, you will need our free fruit paint stencil. Download the sheet of fruit stencils right here and print out. Cut along the outer lines to create your own fruit stencils. You can also freehand the fruits for a more abstract look. You’ll need plain (untreated) canvas, a pencil for tracing and paints.

Start by rolling the canvas out and cutting the canvas at the correct height for your stuff to fit. Our bins ranged from about 4 inches to over 2 feet tall! I love the ability this project gives me to create exactly the size baskets I need for everything imaginable.

The next step is to trace the fruits and paint them on.

Once the paint is dry, turn the canvas over and iron the backside of the canvas. This will release any wrinkles and also set the paint to withstand daily use.

Painted fruit canvas bags

Lastly, put the bins together. You can sew the seems, or use a good quality fabric glue to free yourself of the need for needles.

To finish off the bags – glue or sew the two vertical edges together. Measure the diameter and cut a circle out of the canvas 1 inch larger than your dimension. Sew or glue this to the bottom of the canvas basket and that’s it! An office organization system that is as creative and awesome as you are.

(Photography @A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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