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painted caramel apples

Painted Caramel Apples

Painted Caramel Apples

Painted Striped Caramel Apples

This time of year is my favorite for a lot of reasons. Most particularly the treats! And of those treats, caramel apples rise quickly to the top. What could be more fun than enjoying a caramel apple? Painting and designing one of course! Did you know caramel can be painted? It’s so fun.

Follow our instructions for a simple way to artsy up this staple fall treat – with the kids, or on your own. Once the apples are painted, a simple twig in each will make the treats ready for parties, playdates, and trips to the classroom this season.

Painted Caramel Apples

Sprinkled Caramel Apples

To make the painted caramel apples you will need: 5-6 medium apples (non-waxed), washed and dried, 1 11-ounce package of caramel melts, small twigs, strips of tin foil, various decorations such as nonpareils, sanding sugar, and colored writing gel or icing.

Prepare twigs, food-safe if possible. If twigs are collected from your backyard, clean them and apply a small piece of tin foil to one end, covering the tip and sides that will be in contact with the apple.

With a knife, puncture a small hole in the apple where the stem should be. Stick a twig, foil tip down, into the hole and gently press down until it holds. Repeat with other apples.

Prepare caramel per package directions. Coat apples one by one with the caramel. Then if you wish, immediately coat apples with decorations such as nonpareils, jimmies, sanding sugar, etc. For designs, allow caramel apples to cool completely first. Use colored gel or icing in tubes to apply different designs to the apples. For example, we made dots, lines, swirls, and a zig-zag design. Be creative with this fun, festive, and edible seasonal project.

For an extra sweet variation on the project melt chocolate candy melts and place in a squeeze bottle with tip; create lines, polka dots, and other designs.

Fall bread recipes produced and photographed by Athena Plichta for A Subtle Revelry.


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