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painted matches

After posting the crazy beautiful bright matches last week, I had multiple emails asking for the source of where to buy them. I searched online but came up empty. Then of course, realized they would be super simple to make and a festive project for this chilly time of year.

You can make your own painted matches in just a couple steps. Seriously easy! Gather a group of completed ones together and tie with ribbon for a quick hostess gift. Make them in festive colors for holiday favors, or design a stash with your own specific whimsy to keep at home.

To make the matches: first use masking tape to cover the light tip completely. Then use a small foam brush to apply a water based craft paint to the matches (be sure the paint is water based which allows it to burn without releasing toxic fumes), or be green and safe by making your own milk paint for the matches. Milk paint adheres well to the porous match wood and contains all natural ingredients.

After painting, let the matches dry for a couple days before burning, wrap up and enjoy!



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