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painted paper floral wreath

painted paper floral wreath | A Subtle Revelry

Creating a pretty wreath for summer is simple with paper and paints. I often find real floral wreaths hard to create and short-lasting in their life span, so this paper version is perfect to adorn my front door this summer. And I don’t even need a green thumb to make it!

DIY paper painted floral wreath | A Subtle Revelry

Make your own painted paper wreath by punching out 2-3 different size holes with white paper. I used a 1 inch, 1/2 inch and 2 inch hole punch to create three varying size flowers.

Cut four notches in each of the circles evenly spaced. You don’t need to measure, just make sure the lines are all directly across from one another. Next, fold the paper up, overlapping the paper just a tad at each of the notches and glue into place. This is what gives the pretty floral texture from simple white paper.

Once the flowers are all made, paint the flowers! Select your favorite colors and begin to paint the paper flowers. Based on your style you can paint them inside and out, or just a few strokes here and there. I loved the fresh look that of a lot of white – with a simple painted section in the center – gave to the flowers.

Let dry for a couple of hours. Once the flowers are dry, begin gluing them onto the metal wreath frame. Combine sizes and colors to create a very pretty faux floral texture for summer.

Thread the wreath frame, hang and enjoy!

Photography done in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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