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Paint the Cutest Terra Cotta Pots

Inside: How to paint terra cotta pots and what kind of paint to use on terra cotta pots

Whether you’re celebrating earth week, Mother’s day, or planning out thank you gifts for the end of the year… painting terracotta pots are a great way to craft a gift that will be treasured. Planted with a small herb garden they’re my favorite new addition to the deck for all of our spring parties. And the painted pots are a crazy simple idea for bridal/wedding shower favors. I love that they can be used as party day decor and moonlight as favor gifts your guests will really love!

painting terracotta pots

How to paint terra cotta pots

So there are just three things you need when it comes to painting terra cotta pots, a pot, paintbrush, and paint. It took me a while to learn what kind of paint to use on a terra cotta pot. And I learned that acrylic paint or spray paint work the best.  For these adorable simple terra cotta pots, we used a variety of fun and colorful paints. We painted a colorful pop of fun around the bottom of the terra cotta pot and panted some adorable plants!


how to paint terra cotta pots

More fun painting projects

I love how paint can transform anything into something new, fun, and fresh, just like these terra-cotta pots! Here are a few of my all-time favorite painting projects:

what kind of paint to use on terra cotta pots

Updating the affordable terracotta pots with paint is really easy – with one important tip. Read the full tutorial I designed right here and make a stash for giving (or keeping!) this week.

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