Walmart disco balls

There is nothing I like better than a good disco ball. And I know I’ve shared before that you can grab walmart disco balls for $10! They are the perfect size for hanging in windows and catching the pretty afternoon sun. I’ve seen so many of you guys jump onto this trend lately and it really is pure festive home bliss.

Recently though, I was looking for a way to bring an extra pizazz to our favorite walmart disco balls and I think we found the perfect solution. A little spray paint is all it takes to turn an ordinary hanging disco ball into a colorful display of disco fever. These painted disco balls are a fun element to add for party decor or to brighten up a dull corner at home. They still reflect light (thanks to a clear coat we suggest at the end), and they also bring their own brightness to the day as well. These disco balls are winning all around!

DIY disco balls

Painted disco balls

Painted Walmart Disco Balls

To make the painted walmart disco balls you will need:

  • Varying sizes of disco balls (Amazon has a good selection)
  • Varying spray paint colors
  • High gloss clear spray paint
  • Disposable plastic cup
  • Large cardboard box (big enough to fit your largest disco ball plus space around)

painted walmart disco balls

1. Set up spray paint area outside with your cardboard box. Place box on its side so the opening will be facing you. Place the cup in the center. This is where your disco ball will be sitting.

2. Remove the hanging hook from each disco ball. Most hooks on disco balls are removable but if yours are not don’t worry about this step.

3. Sit each of your newly purchase walmart disco balls on the plastic cup, or really any disco balls will do! Even make your own DIY disco balls if you’d like. Sit each on the plastic cup with the hook hole (the top of the disco ball) pointing towards you.

4. Prep spray paint according to the bottle and then spray the top of the disco ball.

5. Grab the disco ball and set the painted portion onto the cup (so the ball is pointing down). Spray the disco ball, twisting the cup as you go until you have covered the whole ball.

6. Apply a second coat and then allow to dry according to directions. Once the disco balls are dry, apply the high gloss clear spray paint in the same manner.


disco balls at home

8. Once the paint has had a chance to dry and cure return the hooks.

9. Gather your disco balls and hang!

Disco balls for days in all our favorite hues.

I’d love to make an entire window of these to match our balloon window. So many fun options. Run! Don’t walk and build up your own stash of disco balls from walmart to have around the house in any color you might be dreaming of.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).