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paper bag party lanterns

Paper bag party lanterns

With the nights getting darker this last week I’ve been wanting to bring more shine and brightness to our evenings. These colorful paper bag party lanterns that I created in partnership with Elmer’s will bring it. Big time!

They are an easy craft to do with the kids during that too early for bed, but too dark to play outside time that we are all trying to fill these days. Whether you use the lanterns to line the driveway showing guests the way in, or lining your mantel for an indoor glimmer, they will bring a helping of graphic whimsy to your house and parties this season.

Paper bag party lanterns

Paper bag jewel lantern

Paper bag party lanterns

The lanterns can be topped with basically any design or decal you choose. My kids are very into gems these days so making a few bright and graphic gems was a hit. I’m also super in love with the light bulb lantern, ohhh… and the hearts! Making these obviously got addicting real quick:).

Paper Bag Party Lanterns

To make the paper bag party lanterns you will need white paper bags (find these in the lunch bag section at Target, or at a craft store), thick gauge floral wire, a small hole punch, glue, thick card stock paper for the decals, Elmer’s Painters Neon Brights, Elmer’s Painters Super Tip Black, and flameless candles.

DIY paper jewel decals

Start by designing your decals. Have the kids help if they are old enough. For the graphic bag decals we started by outlining the shapes, cutting them out and filling in the color and lines with our painters. The Painters were a great option for the kids because they come through thicker than a normal marker (more like paint) making it easier for them to color in the shapes. And for my sanity, they are much easier to clean up than paint.

Once the color was completed, I went back over the shapes with a ruler and the thick black painter to add graphic detail. Some of the shapes had a second layer of card stock attached to add dimension to the design. There is no “right” way to make these, just as long as they are colorful the lanterns will look great.

DIY party lantern

Next, take the white paper bags and fold over the top about 4 inches. Use a small hole punch to make slots on both sides of the lanterns for the floral wire to run through. Cut the floral wire to size and bend over and into the holes to form a handle on the lanterns.

DIY party lanterns

Lastly attach the decals with glue on the front side. Although we used real flickering candles to try these out, they will be much safer with flameless candles or the small battery white Christmas tapers that are out this time of year.

Paper party lantern

Paper bag party lantern

When lit up the lanterns have a gorgeous glow, and the colorful decals are made even brighter by the flames. The paper bag party lanterns are a great way to make a festive statement this season, to get the kids crafting with you, and to keep the house shining all season long.

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Compensation was provided for this post by Elmer’s – a brand I use daily! The opinions expressed are all mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Elmer’s. Thanks for supporting our crafty sponsors.

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