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Paper Cup Snowball Shooters

Paper Cup Shooters

Winning the snowball fight just got a whole lot easier & more colorful. Playing in the snow is something our family adores and making colorful snowball shooters has quickly upped the snowball winning possibilities. The colorful shooters also conveniently launch beads, marshmallows, pompoms, basically any little ball you might want to send flying through the air… And we all know sending things flying through the air is really what a snow day is made for. ;)

Make a batch of these paper cup shooters and send the kids outside for hours of fun, or use them for a birthday party competition everyone will love.

Paper Cup Snowball Shooters

Paper Cup Shooters

Paper Cup Snowball Shooters
Paper Cup Snowball Shooters

To make the paper cup shooters you will need:

  • Paper cups
  • Balloons
  • Snow, pompoms or something else fun to shoot
  • A target to shoot at (unless the kids are going after one another – which is always fun, until it’s not!)


Paper Cup Party Shooters

1. Cut the inside bottom of the paper cup off.

2. Cut the dime sized hole in the top of the balloon.

3. Gently pull the balloon over the bottom of the cup creating an air suction for launching.

Fill the cups with your shooting selection and pull back the balloon. It works like a slingshot of sorts. Enjoy a day of flying snowballs, or pompoms incase you’re not currently buried in snow.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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