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Fun Easter Bunny and Paper Fox Masks

Inside: The cutest fox and bunny mask for Easter

These paper fox masks and Easter bunny mask are so much fun; they will be perfect little springtime favors for tiny hands to play with. And since Easter is coming up quite quickly this year, these masks are perfect for all the celebrations! We are having a mini spring celebration while the grandparents are in town this weekend and I’m super excited to see all the kids run around collecting eggs.

easter bunny mask

fox and bunny mask

Fox and Easter Bunny Mask

To make the masks you will need:

  • plastic mask
  • a wooden dowl
  • paper in 3-4 coordinating shades/designs,
  • a small 1-inch circle paper cutter (or very steady hands)
  • glue


DIY fox and bunny mask

  1. Begin by cutting out circles for your masks.
  2. For the Easter bunny mask, you will need 23 circles in one color, 21 in another, 12 in another and 8 in white. You will also need to cut three round rectangles for the ears and nose.
  3.  For the paper fox mask, you will need 23 circles in one solid color, 21 circles in a coordinating color, six in another and two circles cut to match the ears. You will also need two triangles cut for the ears and one rectangle for the nose.
  4.  Remove the elastic from your masks and begin gluing the circles, and nose of our mask, follow the pattern in the photo or create your own. Layer each layer until you have a mask form you like.
  5.  Turn your mask over and using the mold of the frame, cut out the eye sockets.
  6.  Glue on the wooden dowel as your mask holder.

how to make a paper fox mask

More Fun Easter DIY’s

These fun fox and Easter bunny masks are great for the kiddos on Easter day. They will run wild and let their imagination take control, which is one of the many reasons I love them so much! Here are some more fun and creative Easter DIY’s for a fun and festive day!

Easter mask

Photography by Carly Taylor


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    • Yes, I suppose on a calendar Easter is actually late this year. I think since we have had so much going on though- March seemed non-existant and now we are already getting ready for Easter! Crazy:)

  1. i’ve been trying to find something different to make for kids this coming easter adn THIS IS IT! how super cute, thank you for the fresh idea!

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