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The Cutest DIY Flower Gift Wrap

Inside: How to wrap flowers in tissue paper for the cutest flower gift box!

I’m always on the lookout for fresh ways to update my gift wrapping. Tissue paper flowers are a fun option for spring (as a tissue paper flower garland too) especially with all the spring holidays, showers, and birthdays well under way. This paper flower wrap is a quick DIY, and when created in graphic black and white, your package will easily stand out in the see of pastel prints this season.

flower wrap

flower gift box

how to wrap flower in tissue paper

Paper flower gift wrap

DIY Paper flower gift wrap

How to wrap flowers in tissue paper

To make the paper flower gift box wrap you will need three layers of tissue paper for each flower, cut in three different sizes. To make multiple flowers, fold the tissue paper into four and cut through all of the layers at once.

Hold the tissue paper with the largest layer on the bottom and smallest on the top, then pinch and twist the center together to make a flower shape. Fluff the paper until you have the shape you want, then carefully pierce the wire twice through the back of the flower and thread it through.

Cut out a small circle from patterned paper and glue it to the middle of the flower, covering up the wire. Once you have all the flowers threaded onto the wire, wind it around your wrapped gift and twist at the back to close.

Paper flower gift wrap tutorial

For a more kid-friendly flower wrap version, use bakers twine instead of wire, poking it through the flowers with a needle. The wrapping job is a sweet way to present favors, Easter sweets, or a gift for mom this month.

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(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Claire Cassidy).

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