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Paper flower pop-up box

pop-up flowers

Valentine’s Day can start to feel a bit predictable. Hearts, candy and flowers can only express so much. The thought of a large stuffed bear with a silky red bow actually kills a small piece of my heart. Instead of going the store bought route, why not make a pop-up floral box for a more creative Valentine gift.

This fun pop-up box will delight any friend, teacher, or co-worker. It is a festive take on the traditional bouquet, with a fabulous surprise element inside. Definitely not what your valentine will be expecting! The packaging idea is awesome enough to give on it’s own, or use the idea to package another gift and really give it umph.

Paper flower pop-up box

Paper flower pop-up box

To make the paper flower pop-up box you’ll need metal springs (find these at your local hardware store), glue, paper flowers and a box to pop.

Start by creating a set of paper flowers. Here is an easy way to make a painted paper floral wreath. You can also illustrate your own freehand, or cut them out of a magazine. I grabbed mine from a colorful piece of wrapping paper.

Pop-up floral gift box

Adhere one end of the metal spring to the bottom of the box with a dab of hot glue. Cover the base of the box with confetti or packaging paper. The spring should stick out about an inch out of the top of the box when fully sprung.

Glue the flowers onto the top part of the springs.

Gently press the springs down and cover with the box top for a bouquet that will pop, surprise, and delight!

Paper flower pop-up box

PS. Because I don’t want your creativity to melt in the heart aisle this week… Heart milk cubes, cream cheese dip fruity pebble treats, a love shower pinata valentine, and flowers for your best friend who is always in style.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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